Winter is coming up fast and you may not be ready to change your regular fitness routine. Depending on where you are in the world you may have a harsh Winter that will prevent you from going to the gym.

Aside from not being able to go out, it will be very cold both outside and inside. There are plenty of exercises and workouts to do at home and even outside in the snow if you can’t make it to your local gym.

Also, be sure to keep motivated during this time of the year because it is easy to lose sight of your goals during the holidays and the crazy weather. So, here are 3 ways to stay fit this winter.

Watch what you eat

It is fairly easy to lose track of what you are eating while you’re inside you’re warm cozy home drinking hot chocolate while you watch the snowfall. It will especially be hard to eat healthy with holiday dinners, outings, and who can forget all of the cookies and treats.

You have to keep the focus on your fitness goals and monitor what you eat so you can stay on the right track. Even during the rest of the year, it is fairly hard to keep track of what you eat so it is always helpful to write down your eating habits and if you have to, start counting calories. 

Buy fitness DVDs and online courses for home

If you’re stuck at home and can’t get to the gym then your best option is to have the gym go to you. That’s right, workout from home so you don’t break your usual routine. If you can keep your routine on point then it will be so much easier for you to stay fit during Wintertime.

It may be quite hard to exercise at home so you may have to change the time of your workout or even how long you workout. That is totally fine to do as long as you get your workouts in and burn some calories. Invest in some DVDs so you have a whole workout routine to follow at home.

Founder of the 12 Week Transformation Contest Stephen Campolo explains “When it comes to working out at home and having limited equipment to work with, utilizing your own body weight is the most effective way to get a solid workout in.

Doing exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and ab crunches are all very effective. To get more of a cardio workout you can do a bodyweight circuit, for example, 10 push-ups immediately followed by 20 air squats, followed by alternating lunges followed by 50 jumping jacks. This would be 1 round, and you could do 5-10 rounds depending on your fitness level and ability.”

Keep warm and try new things

Get creative with your exercises while it is cold outside. Bundle up to stay warm and go outside for a run or throw the frisbee around with some friends. It is also helpful to take on a new Winter sport such as skiing or snowboarding.

Go and take some lessons and have fun while you burn away those calories. Even something as fun as sledding with your family and friends is a great way to exercise. Be sure to always stay warm during the Winter because it is very easy to catch a cold or even the flu.

Being sick will only hinder your fitness routine and even your work life so stay warm. Aside from all of this you can also do something as simple as clearing your driveway of snow, it may seem like a chore but it is a great way to exercise because it will definitely make you sweat. 

With Winter coming up make sure to stay warm and have fun but don’t forget to stay fit and exercise. Try something new or even have some fun with the family outside. Don’t be afraid to stay home and workout and go ahead and buy some exercise DVDs to workout to. Take on this Winter as a challenge to see how many pounds you can lose during the chilly weather.