Sexual performance is, undiscussable, one of the concerns among men. What to do to please a woman and how to be the best lover ever are worries or thoughts that most of the men have. Sometimes, this subject may cause some insecurity due to not so good experiences inside the four walls.

Straight talking, sex starts outside the bedroom and it’s not a physical experience only. It is an emotional and intellectual act, even if it is casual. Sex will always bring up emotions while happening. A more sex-positive involvement could be achieved by understanding how women feel during the performance. Here are five tips to please a woman.

Communication spices up things

Ask her what she likes! She might be too shy or intimidated to tell you about her fantasies and weak spots. There is nothing like being straight, gentle and ask.

You should also share what kind of things you prefer, if both know, it will be a fantastic experience for certain. Talking about sex may be hard for some people but it gets better with practice. If you feel like trying out something else, there are people who like dirty talking during sex itself. Just feel free to explore, you never know what you will get from the other side!

Women are not all the same

Understanding that she is a unique human being it’s important, so things won’t get messy. Even if you have a lot of experience, it doesn’t mean they all like the same things, the same way.

Knowing about sex in general might be a plus but understanding a woman’s unique will improve your performance as a partner. Pay attention to how she reacts to your hits, verbally and non-verbally, of course! Never doubt of a woman’s moan.

Don’t pressure the orgasm

Many women feel pressure to orgasm and not every sexual intercourse result on women having an orgasm. However, that doesn’t mean they are not enjoying it! Orgasm shouldn’t be an expectation but a feeling that should awaken with real pleasure.

You want women to feel good while they are with you, not just to boost your ego or masculinity. Furthermore, you should also care about her pleasure. Even if you are just having a casual sexual intercourse, you should still invest in her desires. There is nothing sexier than knowing both of you are enjoying.

Sex is different to men and women

Understand that women take more time to react to sex stimulations than men. Sex is not like horse racing, it’s not a competition. You may ask why it takes so long for your female partner to get aroused or to become ready for the penetration.

Women feel desire and pleasure in different ways than men. Don’t get concerned if she is not ready for some real action in the first five or ten minutes of foreplay.

Take some time for her to feel safe, relaxed and take the most advantage out of her body. Some women are unable to have vaginal orgasm, so you can always invest in the old good friend clitoris.

Try something new

Just like men, women can get bored when a partner keeps on doing the same sex positions or when the intercourse becomes a routine. Spicing up things can go from positions, moans, words, fantasies, fetishes, all is possible.

Try some new places, take risks and be adventurous. Even though some women are more shy or unadventurous, at some point they all want to try out something not so usual. Use all the tips mentioned before and don’t stop being curious.