As time changes so too must the way we dress. While many people are opting to wear blazers and clashing colors in this current era, you can’t forget about your accessories. These additional items are what bring an outfit together, but these accessories also change as time moves forward.

You may be surprised by some of the fashion accessories that are making a comeback in 2022. Read on to find out what these items are.


There aren’t many days left in summer, but that does not mean that you can’t break out some sunglasses later on. Many people are choosing to wear sporty sunglasses this year, which means that you can use these items for the rest of the year without looking out of place.

Sunglasses add some casual flare to any outfit, and those around you will feel much more relaxed when you approach them while wearing a pair of shades. Unfortunately, sunglasses are a seasonal fashion item so you will need to act quickly to incorporate them into your next outfit.


Loafers are a throwback to the 50s era of fashion, where people were praised for the sophistication of their outfits. The best thing about loafers in today’s society is that they can be worn with anything. There is no longer any pressure to find the perfect pair of dress trousers to compliment your high-soled loafers, but you can do so if that is what you wish. You can wear loafers with jeans or any other type of casual legwear. The best bit about loafers, though is that they are comfy. That is not something that can be said about most does that come into fashion.

Chain Belts

Your belt is often the most difficult part of your outfit to get right. These accessories can break up your outfit nicely, but you have to find something that doesn’t clash with anything else on your person. Fortunately, Chain belts have come to the rescue.

Chain belts achieve the best of both worlds. They are unique enough to break up the colors of your outfit nicely, but they aren’t so distracting that they draw too much focus. You will probably need a couple of these before the year is out, so make sure you get yourself a chain belt for this fashion season.

Shoulder Bags

A handbag is a great addition to any outfit. They look good while also providing practical use. Unfortunately, the size of the handbags that are in fashion often fluctuates. A few years ago, bags were so small they could barely contain your key. You will be glad to hear, then, that shoulder bags are back this year.

Shoulder bags strike that nice balance between fashionable and cumbersome that not every accessory can achieve. What’s more, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you wanted to shop on the higher end of fashion, head to Ssense and search through the recent bag trends by Gucci. You know you are getting quality from a big designer brand like this and can find the perfect option to suit every look.


Just as sunglasses are relevant to summer, scarves are also an accessory that people only break out when the weather gets colder. The problem with scarves is that the fashionable ones rarely provide any practical warmth, but this just means that you should be wearing them through the year.

In 2022, the square scarf seems to be the most popular piece of neckwear. These can work draped over your favorite dress or draped over the handles of your new shoulder bag. Square scarves comes in dozens of patterns too, so you can mix and match this item with whatever you intend to wear and still look great.

Low-cost Watches

As the world moves toward a more sustainable future, fashion also needs to remain conscious of these changes. That is why many trends are heading toward more eco-friendly designs and practices. Nowhere is that statement more evident than in the return of the watch.

Watches were once lauded for being an interesting timepiece, as well as a staple part of your wristwear. However, Rolex watches and other expensive brands are being replaced by lower-cost models. A watch is still a watch, and many people in the fashion industry have been made conscious of the fact that something this simple shouldn’t cost so much. Therefore, you can now get away with wearing a simple and affordable watch when you head out.


There is no telling how long these accessories will remain in fashion, but it looks as if they are here to stay for the remainder of 2022. Your fashion accessories can sometimes be the most important part of your outfit, so don’t forget to start picking up these items when you can. you don’t want to be caught out with something out of date, after all.