We have jotted down some of the superfoods for building muscle and burning fat. Your body is considered your vehicle. You use it everyday to carry out the tasks and responsibilities you are committed to. Whether you are an athlete who is too particular with his diet and lives at the gym, or you are one busy dad who is out and about doing business and family all at the same time, it all boils down to the fact that you have your body to maintain and keep active for yourself and for your loved ones.

Good eating habits play a very important role. So knowing what is good for your body to keep it healthier and longer for as long as you can is just as crucial. Here are some of the best yet simple foods that you cannot miss in your diet to achieve a stronger body and to keep all sorts of diseases at bay.

7. Banana

You cannot go wrong when eating any type of fruits since they are all full of vitamins and minerals. But among these fresh edibles, banana is considered to be the best source of potassium which protects your muscles from cramps and inflammation. It also helps the blood to circulate well keeping the blood pressure under control. So for busy dads who are always on the go or a health buff who’s always on a work-out, one good peel of this all-season fruit will have you on a jumpstart.

6. Oatmeal

Just one cup of this quick to cook breakfast or oftentimes referred to as porridge is loaded with fiber. It is a type of fiber that helps your digestive system work well, thus gives you a regular bowel movement. Eating this staple also makes you feel full and satisfied longer resulting to weight loss and leaner body.

5. Low Fat Milk

Aside from the benefit of strengthening our bones that we are most familiar of, this beverage is also packed with protein and has lower saturated fat that will save you from getting any type of cardiovascular disease. It has that type of protein that helps you avoid the risk of obesity and is definitely a better option for lowering your blood pressure.

4. Almonds and Walnuts

If you are looking for a snack that you can munch all day without developing flabby fats, these nuts are on top of the list. Although each holds many health benefits on their own, both snacks contain good cholesterol that is effective in transporting and removing excess cholesterol from the body. So even if you have a sedentary kind of job, these nuts can help you shed some extra pounds and burn those fats away.

3. Sweet Potato

This delicious crop or most commonly known as yam can boost your energy more than any other food. It is also excellent in aiding body builders to get that bulk that they always wanted. While if you have one frail body structure and wanting to gain weight, these sweet taters can help your body achieve the ideal weight without getting fat.

2. Broccoli

Raw or steamed, this green vegetable is very ideal in getting rid of unwanted fats and bad cholesterol. The fiber that is in broccoli aids in detoxification that gives you better digestion thus prevents constipation and sluggishness. Your tendency to overeat can also be controlled once you have these greens included in your meal. It is especially rich in manganese that helps the body build protein and carbohydrates giving you stronger muscles to keep you on the move.

1. Black Beans and Brown Rice

This low-coast yet delicious meal when served together can provide you with the complete essentials of amino acids that is the building blocks of protein.

So if it ever gets you confused of what heavy yet powerful meal to eat, after work-out or any type of muscle-breaking exercise, the best source of protein is this healthy duo. Just like any of the superfoods mentioned which are rich in fiber, this pair is also a good aid in achieving that flat belly you always aim for. Not that it matters as much as with women, but yes, flatter belly, sexier body frame or shall we say a toned and muscled body structure is what these fitfoods will get you.

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