Whether we want to admit it or not, everyone has their own flaws. For some men, there are times it appears easy to drive a woman crazy over the smallest things. However, once they are turned off by something about you or, about what you do or do not do, it is hard to get that fire back. So, if you are planning to date someone or you are in a new relationship, you may have to realize that women are quite complicated. To be successful with your date or your relationship, here are the seven things that turn women instantly, but may not openly let you know.

1. Bad Hygiene

7 Things That Turn Women Off Men Instantly

As a grown-up, it is but expected that you are clean and you are groomed properly. A woman hates a guy who looks and smells bad. It is important that you pay close attention to how you groom yourself. Carefully inspect every part of your body from head to toe not only if you are going to see someone but every day of your life. Proper hygiene will also boost your confidence.

2. Terrible with Smartphones

Its 2018 and technology is now advanced, it is also the right time to amp up your texting. Short and misspelled texts, delayed response, and ignored messages do not cut it anymore with women. A good text message can speak a lot about you and your personality. Be consistent with your messages so you could create trust between you and your woman. Trust is crucial in relationship building. Try to ask questions, reply as quickly as you can, and add emojis to your messages.

3. Monotonous Outfits

Most women are turned off with men who have boring outfits. While we are all lead to believe that our outfits should match, it pays if we are a bit stylish. Being fashionable does not necessarily mean wearing branded outfits. It simply means wearing properly coordinated apparels. Try to wear hues that compliment together. You can mix and match light gray and blue, white and black, bright colors with denim.

4. Lack of Ambition

7 Things That Turn Women Off Men Instantly

Another thing that turns women off men instantly is when a man has no ambition at all. It is always a plus point if you are a hard worker. This simply means that you are not only to take care of yourself but also of your woman. Women want to be pampered and taken care of and you cannot do those if you do not have a work or a source of income. When planning for the future, any human would want to settle to someone who aims high or to someone with an ambition.

5. Jealous & Controlling

This is definitely a pair of attitude that turns women off men instantly. Women are independent and free-spirited beings and they hate it when they are controlled by an extremely obsessive and protective partner. While it is important to be thoughtful and to show you care by checking on your woman once in a while, doing it in an exaggerated way is not good.

A mature guy knows how to trust his partner and being controlling is a sign of weakness. Women also hate it when their man gets jealous of any guy that is around them. Most of the time, it is the cause of a small argument that ends up to a big fight.

6. Bragging

A man who is so full of himself turns women off instantly. While it is okay to acknowledge your accomplishments but constantly outdoing other people or constantly glorifying yourself about what you have accomplished will make you look like crazy. Women love it when their man knows how to balance humility and confidence.

7. Inconsistency

7 Things That Turn Women Off Men Instantly

Another thing that turns women off men instantly is his inconsistency. A man who is different when he is with his woman and who is another person when he is with his friends is a man of inconsistencies. While it is acceptable to a certain level since every person brings out a different part of us, it becomes an inconsistency when your woman could not recognize you when you are with your friends. Being true to yourself is one thing that women appreciate a lot.

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