Proper skincare is the key to looking your best at all times, but this can be more complicated during the winter months.

Nevertheless, with a few tweaks to your winter skin care routine, you can keep your face looking and feeling fantastic.

Read on for a list of handy skin care tips for winter to help you fight the cold air that dries out your skin.   

Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s not always easy to remember to drink enough water in colder temperatures, as you may not feel as dehydrated as often in cold temperatures.

When the winter months roll in, it can also be tempting to substitute water for a hot mug of tea or coffee.

Still, the skin is mostly made of water, so keeping it hydrated will do a lot to keep it looking at its best. It keeps your hair looking alive and shiny too. This is great for bearded men.

It’s recommended that men should drink around two liters of water per day. Click the link to see more benefits of drinking enough water


Exfoliating may also seem more natural in the summer, but those with oily skin should still make use of a high-quality exfoliating cream all winter long.

Clean your face regularly

The cold winter creates dry skin and extra dead skin cells. These dead cells clog your pores, leaving your skin looking really dull.

Wash your face twice a day to fight this dead skin. Alcohol and soap-free formulas will work best during the cold winter months.


Upgrade to a moisturiser with extra hydrating power to combat the cold air during winter. A product with serum or oil could provide the heavy-duty protection need to fight the freezing cold winds, while a moisturiser with natural oils like coconut oil will do a lot to rejuvenate your face. A good lip balm will stop you getting chapped lips in the winter too.

Improve the humidity of your house

This tip might surprise some, and it’ll increase your energy bills at a time when they’re already at their highest, but a humidifier can do a world of good for your winter skincare regime during the winter.

The skin is more reactive to the indoor environment than you may realise. Even a tiny amount of extra humidity could help your face retain more of its moisture.

If you don’t fancy investing in an expensive humidifier, consider placing a flannel damped in warm water on your radiator.

Beard oil

Cold air not only dries out your skin, but also leaves facial hair looking dull and unhealthy.

Beard oil is a great tool to help combat this. Apply just before heading out to strengthen your facial hair’s defence against the elements.

Avoid hot showers and baths

This might sound unbearable if you live in the coldest parts of the world, but it’s true that the extreme change temperature caused by hot showers or baths in winter will dry out your skin.

Cold showers are much better for your overall wellbeing, anyway. Our guide lists all the benefits you can expect from keeping your shower temperature at ice-cold.

Apply sunscreen or a moisturiser with SPF protection

We all know the importance of protecting your skin against the sun on a summer holiday, but it’s true that the sun’s rays can damage your skin in the winter too. Don’t neglect sun protection during the winter months.

You might feel silly putting on suncream in the middle of winter, so consider adopting a moisturiser with SPF protection. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends seeking out a product that has SPF 30 or higher.  

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