Adam DiMarco is a talented Canadian actor who has appeared in various movies and TV shows. His impressive acting skills and versatility have earned him a significant following among fans. Here are the top 10 roles of Adam DiMarco that demonstrate his acting prowess.

Adam DiMarco

1. Todd in “Radio Rebel” (2012)

Adam DiMarco played Todd, the protagonist’s love interest in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Radio Rebel.” The story revolves around a shy high school student who starts a radio show, which becomes popular among her peers. Young viewers praised DiMarco’s portrayal of the charming and supportive Todd.

2. Ben in “The Magicians” (2016-2020)

Adam DiMarco played Ben, a magician who is a student at Brakebills University, in the popular fantasy television series “The Magicians.” Although Ben’s character was initially minor, he played an essential role in the plot and helped drive the story forward.

3. Ethan in “The 100” (2014)

Adam DiMarco is a Canadian actor famous for playing Ethan Hardy in the CW’s “The 100”. Ethan is a witty and loyal member of the Delinquents, aiding the show’s main characters in critical storylines.

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4. Todd in “The Hollow” (2018-2020)

Adam DiMarco lent his voice to Todd, a character in the Netflix animated series “The Hollow.” The show follows three teenagers who wake up in a mysterious world without any memory of their past. DiMarco’s voice acting was humorous, adding to the show’s light-hearted nature.

5. Greg in “The Killing” (2011-2014)

Adam DiMarco played Greg, a teenager involved in a murder investigation in the crime drama series “The Killing.” Although his role was small, his ability to convey emotion was powerful and showcased his acting potential.

6. Wallace in “iZombie” (2015-2019)

In the horror-comedy series “iZombie” on The CW, Adam DiMarco played Wallace, a college student who becomes a suspect in a murder case. DiMarco’s comedic timing and chemistry with the lead character increased the show’s overall appeal.

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7. Gabe in “The Good Doctor” (2017-2021)

Adam DiMarco played Gabe, a patient with a mysterious illness, in an episode of the medical drama series “The Good Doctor” on ABC. Despite appearing in only one episode, DiMarco’s powerful performance was commendable and demonstrated his range as an actor.

The good doctor

8. Gavin in “Kiss and Cry” (2017)

In “Kiss and Cry,” a Canadian drama film based on a true story, Adam DiMarco played Gavin, the love interest of the lead character Carley, a competitive figure skater diagnosed with cancer. DiMarco’s portrayal of the compassionate and supportive Gavin was moving and earned him praise from audiences and critics.

9. Jeremy in “The Hollow Child” (2017)

Adam DiMarco played Jeremy, a teenager who helps search for a missing girl in the horror film “The Hollow Child.” Though his role was minor, DiMarco’s performance added depth to the character, making his presence felt in the movie.

10. Bryce in “The Order” (2019-2020)

Adam DiMarco’s portrayal of Bryce, a member of the Order of the Blue Rose, in “The Order” was exceptional. His performance added layers to Bryce’s character and helped establish him as an essential part of the story.

the order

In Conclusion…

Adam DiMarco is a talented actor whose range and versatility have earned him a significant following among fans. These top 10 roles showcase his acting prowess and demonstrate his ability to bring complex and compelling characters to the movies and tv shows where he appears.