As we roll into an era of sustainable clothing and capsule wardrobes, neutral colours are leading fashion trends forward. Could it be because they pair with just about anything? Or simply because they scream classic luxury?

Either way, we’re as excited as you are when it comes to building a neutral wardrobe this summer.

Are Neutrals Trending?

Neutrals are certainly trending. After being the focal point of both Paris and New York fashion week, it’s out with bold blues and in with soft earthy tones. 

Don’t be fooled, though. Neutral colours are so much more than white and a simple beige, a neutral colour is actually defined as any shade that doesn’t naturally appear on the colour wheel. This includes black, grey tones, earthy greens and even khaki.

“In terms of accessibility, a neutral palette will always offer an appropriate style option for any occasion, any time of year, and there’s always a neutral shade and combination to suit everyone,” claims celebrity stylist Ann Murray. “Plus, if you’re shopping on a budget, these hues have the ability to elevate a look, as even on inexpensive materials, they generally give off the look of natural fabrics, which are usually pricier.”

The best thing about neutrals is that they are paired together effortlessly. Better still, both neutral clothes and accessories are easy to order from any site, making them accessible to men with all budgets. In a cost-of-living crisis, curating a capsule wardrobe could not only say you pennies but also the planet. Investing in a closet full of neutral shades means that any piece can be paired to make outfits galore. 

For men, in particular, piecing outfits together can be a struggle. With fewer fashion-forward options to choose from than women, we’ve all been victims of colour clashing and looking as if we’ve ‘got dressed in the dark.

Neutral colours combat this. Prioritising simplicity means that you’ll always have an outfit ready to go that is understated yet stylish. Better still, it’s much easier to add pops of colour to a neutral outfit than to make bold shades the main focal point. 

How To Style Neutrals This Summer

If earthy tones and the idea of dressing head to toe in sleek black have interested you, it may be time to start investing in a neutral wardrobe. 

While you may be accustomed to the occasional white tee and a beige pair of shorts, styling neutral clothing goes so much further. While shades and tones remain on a similar palette, there are still many ways to put together a look that stands out from the crowd. All you need are colour contrasts and a bit of imagination.

Here are three ways to style neutrals like a boss in 2023. 

Embracing Earth Tones

From muted browns to moss-inspired khaki, earth tones are one of the most stunning colour palettes to play around with when styling clothes. Not only is is super versatile, but earthy tones tend to be warm at heart, making them the perfect go-to in both summer and winter. 

Are neutrals dominating the male fashion scene in 2023?

The key here is to combine your earthy colours for that sweet spot contrast. The way to do this is to pair lighter shades with darker accents for a perfect composition. We’re talking layered of dark and light green or a classic rust and beige combo. The options are endless and suit all skin, body and style types. 

All in one shades

For edgier, stand-out looks, it could be time to dress head to toe in one striking shade. We’re talking about black or white, as both colours will create an impact look and a statement fashion moment. 

Are neutrals dominating the male fashion scene in 2023?

For black lovers, why not pair a black tee with slim-fit jeans and a leather jacket? The key here is to play around with textures rather than colours for a look that still has dimension to it in replacement for lots of colours. 

If you’re dressing for the summer, you may be more inclined to choose white as your statement colour. For white looks, switch up your shades as well as your textures for the ultimate luxury look. Why not pair a white shirt with cream trousers for a sleek look that’ll take you through the day and into the night? 

Keep Playing With Contrasting Colours 

The key to bossing the neutral fashion scene is to keep playing with contrasting colours. Adding juxtaposing hues throughout your outfit selection is the key to stopping an outfit from blending into the background.

Investing in a neutral wardrobe means that just about all pieces of clothing will match in one way or another. The fun starts when you explore just how powerful softer tones can be and just how much they will stand out in a high street packed full of colour.