Armani suits are the dream suits that everyone wishes to wear at least once in their lifetime. No wonders the suits are people’s favorite brand for 47 years. Giorgio Armani founded this Italian luxury fashion house in 1975 and the company has been one of the topmost fashion brands in the world. Be it jewelry, couture, watches, clothing, cosmetics, etc, Armani continues to produce luxury and classy products all the time. Not only does Armani focus on producing fashionable clothes but also they have created luxury hotels around the world.

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Armani suits are undoubtedly grandeur and expensive. The detailed design, ethics, fabric, style, and materials encompass the suits to be the most valued suits in the world. Right from the ’80s, Armani suits have grabbed the attention of people for their classy ad vintage look. Giorgio Armani is a genius when it comes to fashion designing and that’s the reason he is the second richest fashion designer in the world. Year by year he introduces something trendy and elegant that makes you wonder about his wonderful talent. Discover more about this luxurious lineage and also Armani suits.

History of Armani Suits

Armani Suits: Everything You Need to Know About the Fascinating Suits - 2022

In 1975, the first collection of Armani suits was launched. However, within 3 years, Giorgio improvised men’s and women’s jackets at softer versions. Armani brand also got the name “King of Blazer”. In 1980, Armani came more into the picture. Armani suits were featured in American Gigolo. Their suits started appearing in Hollywood. The power suits gained a new title as sex appealing suits.

In 1984, Eric Clapton wanted to shed off his rocky image by wearing Armani Suit. He was invited to the Armani fashion show in 1990 and there he was dressed in the suit and jackets of muted colors. This gained enough attention amongst people. 2013 was the game-changer for the Armani brand. You can see Leonardo in the Wolf of Wall Street wearing Armani suits. The director wanted to create a 90’s vibe and Giorgio by his brilliant tactics created suits for Leo in his film.

In 2014, Armani suits got more highlights by George Clooney. He wore them in red carpets and also in his wedding with Amal Clooney. The elegant gray suit definitely grabbed the eyeballs but due to Amal’s beauty and her floral dress by Giambattista Valli, the suits got covered up.

Best Armani Suits

Single-Breasted, Slim-Fit Suit in Light Stretch Wool

Armani Suits: Everything You Need to Know About the Fascinating Suits - 2022

This is one of the most expensive Armani suits that is worth $1495. The versatility of this clothing is beyond dispute. It is suitable to wear it on a myriad of occasions. It is made of pure virgin wool and the fabric is a natural stretched one. It has two buttons and has one breast pocket for the pocket square. Slim-fit clothing is a single breast jacket and belt to wrap around your waist. The sleek design of this suit will surely urge you to buy it even if it’s out of your budget.

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Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Suits

This avio colored suit is perfect for formal parties and your daily office look. It has two buttons and two side pockets. The solid bluish-gray color is eye-catching and is available in 4 different sizes. It is made up of 1 % elastane and 99% of virgin wool. The long sleeves give you a clean-cut fab look and your body will just tuck into a slim appearance. If you are ok to she out more money from your pocket then go for this suit.

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Modern-Fit-Stretch Armani Suits

If you are looking for something that is purely formal then this suit is suitable for your choice. This outstanding elegant clothing is a single breast jacket with two buttons. The perfect squared pocket, reversed neckline, and slits make this one of the best collections of Emporio Armani.

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