“Barbell medicine is a vertical integration of modern medicine and strength conditioning,” says brand founder Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum, “We want to bring strength conditioning to the medical field; and we want to bring modern medicine to the strength and conditioning field.”

What is barbell medicine

But … What IS Barbell Medicine?

Do you remember when the big bears throwing up ignorant looking amounts of weight (using questionable form and practices) were on one side of the gym, and the more sciency fitness junkies were wielding low-to-modest weights with perfect form and control on the other? Well, those days are over (or at least numbered). Barbell Medicine is something of an evolution in the strength and conditioning field, where the beasts and the nerds are not just getting along … they are typically the same guy (Bruce Banner integrated with the Hulk).

Scientific Approach to Weight Training

Typically, we nerds love to research and investigate every nuance of a lift … of a supplement … of a weight training belief or myth. If this describes your own approach to training … welcome to the rabbit hole, Alice. Barbell Medicine’s experts (which include two physicians, four clinicians, four competitive powerlifters, a registered dietician, and a handful of charismatic coaches) will have you devouring their content like a fangirl. Seriously, check out Alan Thrall.

Barbell Medicine Podcasts and Youtube Videos

Barbell Medicine currently has 120 podcasts and countless youtube videos addressing subject matter across the weightlifting spectrum. With enough screen time invested into the free offerings from Barbell Medicine, an avid student can self-learn how to toss up insane weight with intelligent form.

That is assuming of course that said student wants to invest all of that time and brain power into a body or performance transformation. Let’s be honest, Banner may like the details but Hulk just wants to smash.

Individualized Training Programs and Online Coaching

For those who do want a transformation, but do not desire to understand complex scientific principles to get it, Barbell Medicine offers online coaching that includes several training templates that will enable a lifter to achieve their results without the nuance.

Individualized Training

Essentially, you submit some specific information to the online coaches, and they will create a training program specialized for your needs.

If you still need a kick in the pants from time-to-time, the online 1-on-1 coaching may be a perfect alternative for you.

For those who would like to try a free Barbell Medicine training template, the “beginner prescription” can be accessed here.


We can all agree that with every fitness authority, there is a corresponding supplement line. Barbell Medicine is no different in this respect. Given the company’s focus on science-backed effort and results and a seemingly altruistic effort to spread good information (even significant free content) that will help the general public, it is no surprise that their supplements check all the appropriate boxes for protein quality, bioavailability, and purity.

Barbell Medicine Criticism: Sciency and The Beast

Sciency and the Beast

Online criticism of Barbell Medicine is pretty scant. However, I will dredge a bit for the sake of balanced writing.

Readers joining Barbell Medicine’s Facebook group WILL be surrounded by Hulks. These are the guys who grunt loudly, drop their weights with abandon, and eat half a cow for dinner. No criticism intended, but it may not be every lifter’s kind of space.

At the other extreme, many readers listening to a Barbell Medicine podcast during their morning commute may find they are in over their head. The information is fantastic, scientific and detailed, but perhaps too much detail for some lifters. As the saying goes, “I only need to know the time, not how to build a watch.”

Barbell Medicine Bridging the Gap

Overall Barbell Medicine is a unique, informative approach to powerlifting and bodybuilding that teaches the scientific principles of beast-mode performance as well as the overall benefits of weight training to general health and wellness. Some would say it is a perfect blend of mild-mannered, science-loving Banner and testosterone-laden, super-smasher Hulk.

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