Beginner’s Guide to Resistance Bands

Resistance bands also known as elastic bands enhance the results and experience of working out and they cost much less than a gym membership. These strength training tools are lightweight and easy to carry around making them very versatile and perfect for a home gym.

There are hundreds of elastic bands to choose from and you can’t just pick randomly. You need to know what particular band works best for you. Here is your beginner’s guide to everything about resistance bands.

Different types of resistance bands

Resistance bands

Photo by Gabriel Alenius on Unsplash

Resistance bands come in different variations that accommodate several workout routines. The most common types of bands are therapy and compact bands.

Therapy bands as the name suggests are mostly for rehabilitation.

Compact bands also known as tube bands are usually 4 feet long and can help people strengthen their upper body, lower body, and arms.

Figure 8 bands form the shape of the number 8 and are usually 20 inches long. If you want to target your upper body, these bands are perfect for you.

Lateral bands which are 1 foot long come with Velcro cuffs instead of the usual hard plastic handles. This is a popular choice for people strengthening their hips and thighs.

Pull-up bands add more challenge to the usual pull-up. When doing pull-ups, people add additional weight by using barbell or dumbbell plates. for better results. Pull-up bands are more versatile than plates. The idea is that you can add more resistance when you are pulling or going back down. This type is not for beginners as they can result in serious injuries when used wrong.

Purposes or benefits of using resistance bands

It is important to determine your main purpose or reason why you want to buy a resistance band. As mentioned above, elastic bands are mostly for strength training. However, it can be used for other purposes or benefits like improving mobility or flexibility, improving coordination, core activation, and better muscle stimulus. Keep in mind that one resistance band can be used for different purposes.

Attributes of a great band

What makes a resistance band great or top quality? Is it the design? Is it the price? Is it material? The top two things you need to look or test for are tension and strength. Resistance bands or elastic bands should be capable of being stretched tightly. Resistance bands with great tension are safe-to-use bands that are very important, especially for beginners.

Resistance bands come with different levels of strength. For beginners, light or medium strengths are best. If you want to challenge yourself, then you can choose heavy or extra-heavy bands.

If you still need more information before you make a decision, it would be great to read another beginner’s guide or better yet, ask people with experience. And another great tip, no need to spend thousands of dollars for quality resistance bands.

Resistance bands are not just simply workout equipment, these are great investments to improve yourself physically and mentally.


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