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Are you looking for some tattoo ideas and trends this 2023? Don’t worry because we got you covered, here are the most trending body art this 2023 that you can choose from.

Micro Design

Micro tattoos from the name itself are a small type of body art design that typically measure less than an inch in size. A micro body art is a great option this 2023 if you want a body art but aren’t ready to commit to a much large size art in your body.

Because of their subtlety and personalization, micro body arts are becoming increasingly popular this 2023. They can be hidden anywhere on the body and range in diameter from a quarter of an inch to an inch.

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Simple Minimalistic Body Art

Minimalist type of body art are also a great choice for this 2023 because it applies the “less is more” concept. It is a magnificent technique where the tattooist uses small black lines and minimal type of colors to simplify its design. Minimalistic design only take a few moments to be done and it was so budget-friendly that it was perfect for 2023 because of inflation.

Animal Tattoos

There are a lot of animals to choose from but the tiger, lion, and bird designs are the most famous animal body art. Animal designs have unique meanings depending on their design and style. And since 2023 is the year of the rabbit, a rabbit body art is one of the great choices to have this year for some sort of luck. A rabbit art also symbolizes long life and eternal happiness.

Portrait Tattoos

A portrait body have grown in popularity in recent years and it remains a great option this 2023. There are so many options that it can be difficult to choose what kind of portrait you want to have. A well-executed portrait design can appear almost three-dimensional, making for an eye-catching and incredible design.

You can have a body art that features the faces of your family members or loved ones. And a picture of your pet who just died or a picture of your favorite celebrity.

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Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash polka is a German trademark body art style that aims to tell a story through its chaotic type of collage designs. Words and phrases are sometimes overlaid, but not always. The designs are frequently abstract with realism elements, so there is a lot of contrast in these tattoos. They’re both perplexing and beautiful. The fixed color that was used here was the color black and red.

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Religious Body Art

Some of history’s earliest body art were inspired by spiritual philosophies. There are a lot of types of religious body art like an angel tattoo, a cross, or other icons that show faith in your religion. Most people choose to have this kind of tattoo to also serve as a protective or luck. That’s why religious tattoos are always on the list every year.

Lettering Design

Lettering designs are a great option for a body art because it shows your favorite quote or phrases that impacted yourself. Some people select a quote from a favorite book, movie, or song. Others select a quote said to them by a loved one but most of them chooses bible verses to became their body art. Body art quotes are something special because they have a lot of sentimental value.

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