A new hairstyle or haircut gives men a new vibrant and fresh appearance. A good-looking hairstyles for men will always remain stylish and vibrant even if it’s out of trend. In this article, we decided to list out these cool hairstyles that are also timeless and versatile options for men who take their hairstyles seriously. Men’s haircuts that are popular right now include the French Crop, Faux Hawk, Buzz Cut, etc.

A man getting one of the new trending hairstyles
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Top Ten Hairstyles This 2023

Side Part Hairstyle

A side part haircut is one of the few hairstyles that retains its popularity despite the influx of new hairstyles. It’s no surprise that men in the previous century adored this hairstyle due to its simplicity. And it is clear why this type of hairstyle is still preferred by men today, because its simplicity and versatility never die.

Comb Over

Comb over was created to cover up flaws such as mild baldness in men. However, it is no longer just a cut to hide a bald spot, but a cut that can accentuate men’s best features, giving them a wide range of comb-over styling options. Modern comb overs are infinitely versatile and can be mixed with other popular hairstyles.

Quiff Hairstyle

For many decades, the quiff hairstyle has been one of the most influential and enduring hair trends. It is one of the most classic, timeless styles that can be worn by people of all ages and is appropriate for almost any occasion, whether formal, casual, semi-formal, or formal. The quiff has also been the hairstyle of many celebrities in the film industry, music, and politics.


Messy Hair

Messy hairstyles for men are both casual and charming, and there’s nothing quite like them. Whether you’re going out to hang out with your friends and colleagues or going on a date, this style is ideal for this type of occasion. There are also many messy hairstyles that can change your look without sacrificing your hair.

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Spiky Hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles are also one of the hairstyles that have remained consistent over the years, and there are numerous ways to style a spiky haircut. Because there are so many different spiky haircuts and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to get. To begin, we recommend that you get the style with short hair on the sides. Whether you prefer a spiky hair fade or an undercut, the “short sides, long top” trend offers a lot of style and a contrasting finish.

The French Crop

The French Crop is regarded as the ultimate men’s hairstyle. Because this is a clean and short cut, it is low-maintenance and ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to style their hair but still wants to look good and presentable. It is also an excellent choice for men with thin hair and receding hairlines. The french crop cut is also available in a variety of variations and styles.

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Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a classic but excellent hairstyle for men. A faux hawk is a great option if you want to look like a punk on the weekend but keep things professional during the week. There are also many variations of this hairstyle, so you can pick and choose the best one for you before getting your new haircut.

Buzz Cut

A buzzed haircut is a classic style for men, especially during the summer, and it can be achieved with only clippers and no scissors. If you have an elongated or even perfect face shape, a buzz cut will make it more masculine and add width. There are numerous types to choose from, and what distinguishes them is their shape and length.

Fringe Cut

A fringe-cut male has a portion of hair in the front of the head that is styled so that it crosses the hairline and partially or completely covers the wearer’s forehead. Men’s fringes come in a variety of styles, including a French crop, a Caesar haircut, a choppy and short fringe haircut, side swept, textured, angular, and curtain male bangs. To achieve the best results, we recommend that you choose your hairstyle based on your current haircut as well as your natural hair texture and length.

Ivy League Hairstyle

The Ivy League haircut originated in America’s Ivy League schools and is ideal for someone with prominent facial features. Because of the similarities, most people mistake it for a crew cut, but it was actually a different hairstyle, and Ivy League cut leaves enough hair on top to be parted and styled to one’s liking. This cut’s short length will keep cowlicks at bay.

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