Bicep curl mistakes are the most common errors people make in the gym. Even though it is considered a beginner’s workout, executing the perfect bicep curl takes time. Learning how to do a bicep curl the right way is not just about technique, it is also about injury prevention. It is unbelievable still how many people screw up this exercise.

So, here are 5 top tips to avoid common bicep curl mistakes

Strengthen your grip

It is important to squeeze the barbell or the dumbbell just right. Squeezing too hard means you’re struggling to lift them up. Bicep curl exercise should always be done smoothly and slowly. Strengthening your grip will allow you to better control the lift and negative when doing sets of bicep curls. There are different exercises you can do to improve your grip. Doing so also will also help you better execute different weightlifting exercises like the bench press and the hex press.

Straighten your back

Avoiding Common Bicep Curl Mistakes

Photo by Gordon Cowie on Unsplash

Many weightlifting injuries are rooted in the wrong stances and not standing straight. One of the most common bicep curl mistakes is arching your back when lifting. It’s a bicep curl, not a back or forearm curl. Your biceps should be doing all the work. If you keep arching your back when doing bicep curls, then you’re putting yourself at risk of lower back injuries. There are many ways to fix it, one is to place your back against the wall and practice. Keep doing this until your master the right stance for you when doing bicep curls.

Stop swaying your elbows

Another common bicep curl mistake is the pushing of elbows. It can be tempting to use your elbows to make things easier when you curl. However, that diminishes bicep growth and can result to an injury. Just like with your back, don’t ever use your elbows to lift. Using your elbows when doing bicep curls is the equivalent of cheating in an exam. Make sure to utilize your bicep and feel the burn within those muscle areas.

Extend your arm fully when lifting

Consistency is key when it comes to bicep curls. You need to make sure that every lift you perform is of the same height as any other lift. Never cut the range of motion when you curl. That maximizes bicep growth.

You’re sticking to one variation

Bicep curl targets not only the biceps but other upper body parts as well including the chest. If you want more extensive results, then it is worth trying out other variations of the bicep curl. The standard curl includes either a barbell or a dumbbell. Other bicep curl variations include the reverse curl, kettlebell curl, incline dumbbell curl, and even high-pulley cable curl.

Bicep curl might be simple but there is so much more with this highly effective weightlifting workout. You don’t have to go to the gym or buy thousand-dollar equipment to do bicep curls. You can buy the equipment online for reasonable price rates and you can enjoy all of the bicep curls you want daily.

The best way to avoid bicep curl mistakes and improve injury prevention is through practice. Do it over and over again and you are sure to perfect it.