Best Workout

A good workout is one that gives you short bursts of intense activity. Researchers have shown that even 10 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise can improve insulin sensitivity, cardiometabolic health, and brain power. Choosing the right workout depends on your goals and desired feelings. Here are some suggestions. You can try BodyFit by Amy or Obe Fitness videos, or check out Zumba Strong on YouTube.

BodyFit by Amy

BodyFit by Amy is a complete fitness routine that incorporates the use of dumbbells and bodyweight workouts. The videos range in length from 10 to 45 minutes and are designed to target specific areas of the body. The workouts also include cardio that blasts fat and increases your heart rate. The program is backed by a four-week schedule and exclusive access to a private online Facebook group.

BodyFit by Amy DVD

The BodyFit by Amy DVD is a complete workout, combining kettlebell moves with cardio workouts. The three-part DVD features close-ups and descriptions of each move. The beginner and intermediate workouts are both geared toward getting in shape and burning fat. The DVD also includes a stretching routine.

Obe Fitness YouTube account

Obe Fitness’ YouTube account offers live workout classes across the country. It also offers thousands of on-demand workouts. Users can pick a class length that fits their schedule and interests. The instructors are upbeat and enthusiastic, which many users like. But some people find them annoying. It is important to consult a physician before starting a new exercise routine.

The company’s founders wanted to create an inspirational fitness platform for everyone. The company’s fitness classes are filmed in modern studios with bright lighting. The instructors wear updated fitness apparel, and the workouts emphasize the importance of doing physical activity at least five times a week. Obe recommends that users do three strength-training classes a week and two cardio workouts. Each class is between five and one hour long, and requires minimal equipment.

Obe offers over 6,000 different classes. There are live classes as well as downloadable versions. These classes are aimed at all fitness levels, including beginners and advanced workouts. There are also personalized programs for prenatal and postnatal women, as well as older adults.

Zumba Strong DVD

Zumba Strong DVD is a great choice for those who are looking for a fun and effective way to get a workout. This DVD contains 80 minutes of high-intensity cardio and dance moves. It also features an extra twenty-minute bonus workout for the arms, legs, and abs.

The Zumba Strong DVD combines dance moves and body positive workouts to create a high-intensity workout. This DVD has 24 bodyweight workouts, a bonus 20-minute workout, and a 90-day interval training program that includes intensive anaerobic exercises followed by a rest period. The goal of this workout DVD is to help you burn fat, tone up, and get in shape!

This DVD is an excellent choice for beginners, since the workout is fun and easy to follow. If you have never tried zumba before, this is a great way to get started. It will teach you the basic movements and build your confidence in doing them. This DVD can be found online or at your local store.