Have you heard of desk stretches?

According to the Heart Foundation, 25% of adults in the US spend more than 8 hours of their day sitting, and 44% of those either seldom exercise or do not at all. For most, it is a way of life for most of their lives centered in the office. For many years, people have been saying that sitting is the new smoking. There is no way to compare them but it is true that both yield negative results for an individual’s health.

Do you spend many hours of your day sitting? If you are, then you should do something to combat the health risks that comes with it. Start with your hips. Are you aware that sitting all day and inactivity can cause your hip flexors to tighten up and shorten? That would result in pain and even difficulty moving.

For quick relief, here are some desk stretches for your hip

Desk Stretches: Hip Quick Relief

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Hip and knee flexion stretch

This one, you can do right in the comfort of your office chair. Sitting for hours means the leg isn’t moving at all. With that, there is poor blood circulation throughout the body. A quick fix for this is a simple hip and knee flexion stretch. All you have to do is recline your seat a little bit. Hug one knee, pull it toward your chest, and then hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. Make sure that you are not arching your back towards and that your back is well rested in the chair. Do this a couple of times per hour for much better relief and to avoid pain in the hip and the back.

Standing lunge stretch

Do you know how to do lunges? This exercise gives relief to the legs, glutes, hip flexors, groin, and inner thighs. It is important that you execute this properly to get the best results. Don’t worry about not being able to bend or extend your legs properly at first. It takes time for most people, especially those who have been inactive for quite a while to be flexible.

Seated butterfly stretch

A seated butterfly stretch is advisable if you’re experiencing a lot of pain and tightness in your lower body. This is just like doing an Indian seat but with the bottom of your feet facing each other. Hold both your ankles and then using your elbows, press down your knees. Make sure that you keep your back straight as you press down. Make sure not to press your knees so much or you might end up pulling a muscle instead of stretching them.

These three exercises, if done frequently will help relieve your hips and fight off the risks of sitting too long. It might be hard at first, but the important thing to do is to just get started.

These days, it is very common for office employees to be inactive. There are many reasons for that including long working hours, stress, and scheduling issues. So, desk stretches or exercises are a good way to be more active. There should be a fine line between work and working out. It is good not only for physical, but mental health as well.