You’re probably already aware of the things you usually take with you when you head out from your home into the outside world. But if you haven’t really thought about the essential items you should have in your everyday carry (EDC) and you’re looking into focusing on what’s important, we’ve got the perfect list for you.

EDC non-negotiables


In the modern age that we live in, saying that mobile accessibility is important is an understatement. Even if you’re not using the latest smartphone with all its bells and whistles, having the capacity to instantly contact whom you need to talk to is nearly a requirement for most everyday tasks nowadays.


Where else would you put your cash? Make sure your EDC wallet is comfortable enough to carry an amount of money and personal information you wouldn’t bat an eye losing. In addition, a good EDC wallet will be practically sized so that it can easily fit in your pants’ pocket, or your everyday work bag if you carry one.

If you want to go extremely minimalist, a separate money clip and card holder may be more to your taste. This ensures that your pockets are not filled with bulk if you have a tendency to just stuff things into your wallet.


Since a keyring keeps all your essential keys in one place, it makes it easier for you to remember its location. And of course, it’s also a good way to keep your keys organized.

A busy man's EDC (Image Credits: Free-Photos / Pixabay)

What you should consider adding to your EDC if you don’t have them already

Utility tool

A good utility tool is essential for anyone who leaves the house. You might not have every tool in the toolbox within reach but you’ll always be ready for a situation that requires a basic tool.

Swiss army knives and multi-tools come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing one that fits your pocket size and personal taste is not that hard.


Situations that require you to write something down or take a moment to scribble are more common than you think. There are multiple situations throughout a day where your signature might be needed, so having a reliable pen in your pocket is the surefire way to make sure the task is done as quickly as possible.


If you’re rocking a style longer than a buzz cut, a comb is a great item to add to your EDC. Having a comb handy means it will be easier to freshen up throughout the day if your hair encounters any disagreeable weather.

Matchbox or lighter

You don’t have to be a smoker to appreciate just how useful carrying a box of matches or a reliable lighter is to everyday activity. You could find yourself at a birthday party with no means to light the candles, or with your boss who is asking for a light for his cigar or cigarette. There are so many ways to use a lighter that we just might write about some of its more creative purposes in the future.


Aside from being a great accessory to show off your style, watches are a better way to keep track of time when you’re on the move. Don’t be the guy who needs to keep pulling out his phone from his pocket during a conversation. Also, while checking the time using your watch could also be misunderstood as rude, it’s less conspicuous than pulling your phone out.

Optional EDC items you can keep around

You never know when you might need a notebook (Image Credits: freephotocc / Pixabay)

Pocket knife

For tasks that require a bladed edge that can’t be serviced by your utility tool, a pocket knife is always handy to carry around. You can use a pocket knife to pare fruit or cut meat when grilling in the outdoors.

Making a pocket knife a standard item in your EDC will be dependent on your activities. Since a knife could be considered a dangerous weapon in some places, it might be prudent to carry one with only you when you expect to find yourself outdoors or in an environment where a pocket knife won’t be seen as a threat.

Dedicated entertainment device

How we entertain ourselves during downtime is different from person to person. If the amount of stimulation you need can’t be satisfied by your mobile device, a dedicated device is definitely a good choice for your EDC. Keeping a dedicated device not only expands your entertainment options while you’re on the go, it also frees up your phone from draining its battery too quickly.

If you’re a music junkie, you’d probably want to carry something like like a good pair of headphones and a music device. People who like to have access to mobile games could probably bring a Nintendo Switch. If you’re an avid reader, a dedicated e-book reader is great to bring along during the commute.

Power bank

You should consider having a power bank in your EDC If you’re carrying multiple electronic devices. This becomes more important if your electronic devices are essential to your work. With power banks more or less becoming smaller and more efficient, they’re less bulky to have around nowadays and are always a good EDC purchase.


A notebook is always good to have around. You never know when you’ll need to record information the old fashioned way. Maybe your phone battery is dead and your trusty power bank along with it. Since you already carry a pen, having a small notebook to note things down on is your best option to remember something aside from writing on your own skin.