The fade haircut is a favorite among men. It is very easy to style and is also practical. It is also very masculine and suits different types of faces, which make it perfect for everyone.

Fade haircuts are also very well suited for different types of hair, including thick, thin, medium, and curly hair. Whether you prefer a low fade or a high fade, this versatile hairstyle will meet all your needs. 

However, similar to other types of haircuts, there are some pros and cons with the fade haircuts. 

Let’s discuss the fade haircut for men in further detail.

Pros of Fade Haircut for Men

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The Fade Haircut for Men is Widely Available

The fade haircut has been around for some time. Every barber worth his salt has a piece of good knowledge about this haircut. They also understand that this haircut is very popular. 

This is the reason why you can get the fade haircut in almost any hair salon that is of reasonable capacity. To get the fade haircut of your choice, take a picture along with you, and show the barber. 

It Works with all Hair Types

The fade haircut for men definitely takes the trophy when it comes to versatility. It can be cut on all types of hair – whether you have thick or thin hair, straight or curly, you can get the cut without any problem.

The length of the hair on top is an individual preference. However, according to a number of renowned hairstylists, the hair at the top is getting longer, which allows more styling options. 

The Fade Haircut for Men Suits all Face Shapes

This haircut also works for different face shapes. It works particularly great for those with round and square faces as the volume of hair on top balances out the face. 

However, if you have a longish face, consider pairing this haircut with a beard. Since the fade haircut exposes the face, it can make your face look even longer. You can also try to rock this haircut with a medium or a long fade, rather than a short fade. If you are not sure what kind of face shape you have, peep this article that explains the different face shapes of men.

It Works for Both Young and Old

Unlike some type of hairstyles that suits only young boys, the fade haircut works great for both young and old. The fade haircut for men makes the older adults look polished and professional, while it makes the young look hip and trendy. 

This look is stylish enough for college guys but is also suitable for those who work in an office environment. This haircut is also a masculine look that will not disappoint anyone, irrespective of their age

The Fade Haircut is a Great Way for Men to Showcase Tattoos

If you are someone who has a lot of tattoos in the back or the neck area, the fade hairstyle is the perfect way to showcase them. An added advantage is that you do not have to shave your head to display your tats. 

Pair it With Different Hairstyles

Taking inspiration from the classic fade, the fade haircut blends seamlessly with every type of haircut. From undercut waves to Caesar and everything in between, it works very well with different hairstyles. 

The degree of fade is a personal choice, and you can choose from low, high, taper, mid, and scissors fade, among others. 

Cons of Fade Haircut for Men

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The Fade Haircut For Men Can Be High-Maintenance

Fade haircuts require making regular trips to the barber. It is necessary so that the hair is kept in its best form

If you are someone who does not have the time or the inclination to maintain the upkeep, this haircut may not be ideal for you. 

It Requires Professional Hands

As easy as it may seem, you cannot perform the fade haircut as a DIY. Barbers with little experience will not give you the right fade, either. 

Unless you want to ruin your hair and your appearance, schedule an appointment with the best salon that you can afford to get the fade haircut. 

The Fade Haircut for Men is Not Forgiving

A fade cut is inherently quite revealing. While this is a fantastic way to showcase your tattoos, it can also reveal lumps and bumps in your neck and the back of your head.

If you have scars or something similar that you rather keep hidden, stay away from getting a fade cut. 


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There is no doubt that the fade haircut for men has some disadvantages, most notably regular maintenance. However, this is a very versatile haircut that works with a majority of faces and hair, which makes it a favorite among many males all across the globe. 

This haircut is stylish without trying too hard and has an element of class. It is also edgy and masculine. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, so give this haircut a try in 2020 if you haven’t done so far. It will transform your appearance, and you will love yourself for it. Also, if you enjoyed this post, read our similar article “Men’s Guide to High and Tight Cuts.”