When it comes to choosing what shoes to run a marathon in or on the wet jogging tracks, it comes down to one’s comfort.

Now what you might fit may be quite unsettling for the other, to be fair. So basically you look for comfort and a while selecting a marathon pair.

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Oh, let’s not forget to minimize the risk of injury. So here we have a great number of options listed for you to help you choose from the best marathon shoes for men.

Brooks Ghost

This solid pair delivers on all aspects. With several layers of soft cushioning add a stable base of thin rubber; this pair is lightweight that shouts “Best marathon shoes for men.”

You may be worried about those wet tracks or muddy ground on your way. But don’t worry because Ghost 9 wouldn’t let you lose your balance or slip.
Kudos to its grip! Whether it’s normal running or high mileage, Ghost 9 will keep you tracking just fine! Oh yes, it’s a smooth runner, even for the quick workouts.

Saucony Ride 9

Durable is just the beginning of its deal, adding up to being an excellent runner on road and track surfaces. The rubber lining is of low density which guarantees a reliable and pleasant experience while running those tracks even for long distances races.

ASICS GT-2000 5

Let’s talk about its latest model that got released earlier this year which offers you a sweet deal! With that fresh, modern look GT 5 plays well on foot. Remember how back in school you used to trip every time your laces unwounded?
Well, they won’t let you fall with their improved lacing system, trust to last for hundreds of miles. While doing so, it keeps your foot in place.

Hoka One Bondi 5

Looking for another pair of the best marathon shoes for men? Here we go! With maximum cushioning and a mix of rubber and leather insides, we offer you an absolute treat!
Looking for a smooth ride? This comfortable upper lined shoe will give you just that. The heel has the smoothest finishing that runs high mileage and returns excellent responsiveness. Convinced yet?

Mizuno Wave Catalyst 2

Promising you a longitudinal stability that helps you take those long strides on track is just what you need to keep ahead of others in a marathon isn’t it?
The midsole material is pure gold that has foam lining which absorbs shock. Also, it is giving a real lifting of the foot and is incredibly flexible with a stable base. These are just the best marathon shoes for men.

I’m sure we have you kicking off those old pairs off your feet, ready to explore some new improved options just to help you win that marathon!

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