There’s something so satisfying about scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram to see all the yummy dishes the top food bloggers create. It’s so tempting, that it probably makes you want to stop scrolling and go find something to eat. But on the off chance, you’re new to social media, you might not know who you should look to for cooking inspiration. Here are some of the top food bloggers you should be following to wake up your taste buds and get your own creative cooking juices flowing.

Half Baked Harvest

If you love all things country, then you need to follow Tieghan Gerard. Founder of HalfBaked Harvest, this culinary master comes from a family of ten, which was the reason she knew her way around the kitchen. Tieghan shares a variety of eye-catching dishes and a glimpse into her daily life in Colorado. She also offers a series of her nine favorite things that she finds throughout the week online and in person. Her blog and Instagram are a visual cornucopia.

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Martha Stewart

food bloggers Martha Stewart

Even if you’ve never used social media in your life, you surely know about Martha Stewart. This culinary guru not only has over 3.4 million followers, but she also offers an inside look at your gourmet kitchen where she whips up meals that will make you swoon. Her culinary flair keeps her followers loyal and their bellies full. Not only is she one of our top recommended food bloggers, but she also has a home magazine and television series, where you can keep up with nutrition trends on top of other lifestyle tips that you can tune into if you’re not that keen on using social media.

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Minimalist Baker

Known for her minimalist approach to all things baked, she uses 10 ingredients or less to whip up tasty snacks, baked goods, and dishes that have international flair. Some of her most delectable dishes and snacks are inspired by Asian, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine. When it comes to snacks, if your mouth is watering and you need something to nibble on, you need to have snacks on hand. That’s where having a snack subscription box comes in handy. Every month, you can sample snacks from around the world. The brochure outlines each snack, so whether you join the club or give it as a gift, you’ll know what to expect.

food bloggers

Healthy Fitness Meals

In between pastries, pasta, and T-bone steaks, everyone needs to know how to prepare healthy meals that taste good. This is where Rena comes in. This fitness lover is the creator of HealthyFitnessMeals online. She is known for heart-healthy, yet extremely satisfying dishes that not only feed her family of five but also her 3.5 million followers on the gram. If you’re looking for ways to cut calories, fat and preserve flavor, her page is worth checking out.

The Pioneer Woman

If you love down-home cooking, Ann Marie Drummond is one of our recommended food bloggers you should definitely follow. Based out of Oklahoma, this foodie has a personality that will captivate you. Her cooking will make your mouth water and you’ll quickly learn why she says butter is her boyfriend. Her spicy chili and homemade chicken noodle soup will have you longing for cold, winter days.

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