Greg Doucette … the doctor, the power lifter, the “jerk,” the steroid smuggler, the funny man, the YouTube sensation, the “brutally honest” review chaser … To know who Doucette is, is to love him, to hate him, or to love to hate him.

I am not a huge fan of Doucette’s popular “Natty or Not” videos where he spends 10-15 minutes free-spitting (sometimes literally) about whether some celebrity has natural or drug-enhanced muscle. Maybe it is because he was busted in 2012 for smuggling what Canadian Cycling Magazine reports as $250,000 in anabolic steroids into Canada (his home country) and then barred from CCES’s Tour of Keji cycling event in 2018 for blood doping that he is compelled to size other men and women up and provide an educated opinion whether they are using steroids. Other charges for performance-enhancing drugs date back to 2009.

In any case, steroids and finger pointing aside, Doucette is an expert and he is an accomplished and educated man with a Guinness World Record in Powerlifting.

So, in this article, I will attempt to slice through his prolific video making and showcase Coach Greg’s Nine MUST Watch Videos.

9: Highest Earning Youtube Videos – Can You Guess Which Is Number ONE?!

Greg explains how his videos make money as well as which of his roughly 1000 videos are his top ten moneymakers of all time. I’ve put this one at the bottom because it isn’t necessarily great for health and fitness, but it is interesting to hear how YouTubers make their money, and the viewer is given some key insight into the mind of Doucette.

8: Top 10 things to AVOID When Trying to Build Muscle!!!

Good information for anyone who is looking to build muscle. Rather than telling the viewer what TO do, Greg Doucette gives us a run down of the “TOP 10 Things to AVOID When Trying to Build Muscle.”

7: Overrated Muscle Building Foods – The Top 10 Foods You DO NOT NEED In Your Diet!!!

We are always being told to eat this or steer clear of that food when looking to build muscle. Coach Greg breaks through what he considers hype and explains “The Top 10 Foods You Do Not Need in Your Diet.” I actually liked this one. Can ground beef ever really be lean? Do you need to drink a sport’s drink while working out at the gym? Coach Greg has great answers for you.

6: How To Train and Eat Based on your Somatotype (Body Type)!!!

Greg gets into Somatypes (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph) and how to train for which you happen to be. Hint, we are a mixture of all three and should train similarly. Great video … spittle aside.

5: Things YOU SHOULD Do Before The Gym!!!

Are you about to head out to the gym? Check in here with Coach Greg Doucette to make sure you have everything you need to maximize your time and gains. Don’t forget your goals.

4: Will Tennyson Reviews MY Ultimate Anabolic Cookbook 2.0 || Better COOKIES Than SUBWAY?!

Did I forget to mention that Coach Greg is also the author of a cookbook? My bad. In this hilarious video, Doucette reviews Will Tennyson’s review of Doucette’s cookbook. Why do these guys wear aprons without clothes beneath them? Hmmm … oh well. Strip Down and Get Cooking with Video Number 4.

9 Must-Watch Greg Doucette Videos For Fit Freaks

3: 10 MISTAKES My Clients Make That You SHOULDN’T

Are you working out and eating right and still not losing weight or gaining muscle? Most likely you are not actually working out and eating right. Coach Greg touches on the “Top 10 Mistakes” his clients make and how to avoid them. Little things like not counting the calories from Pam spray can derail your program.

2: Coach Greg EATS What Ally Eats for a Day!!! McDonalds, Starbucks, Pickle Pizza, Bagels, and More…

This is a humorous video in which Coach Greg eats exactly what his partner in crime Ally (Allyson Smith) eats for a day. I always like the videos with Allyson as Doucette tends to calm his persona down a bit.

1: The 3 BEST & 3 WORST exercises for GREAT GLUTES!!!

All about the glutes!! This video is number one today because of the awesome advice for building glutes. The glutes are my favorite muscle both because they look good when developed and because they are powerhouse muscles that should be developed and maintained for optimal performance and day-to-day living. These are the three best and three worst exercises for the glutes!

9 Must-Watch Greg Doucette Videos For Fit Freaks

So, there you have it. Nine videos out of 1000 from a guy you may have never heard of before, but will most likely never forget now. In truth, I will probably devote a good bit of time to his extensive library going forward.

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