The hip thrust is also termed as a hip thruster and weighted glute bridge. It is a lower body workout that activates glutes muscles including the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, quads, and hamstrings. This workout has gained popularity over the past few years. The major benefit of this exercise is hip extensions. This is achieved by engaging hamstrings quads and gluteal muscles. It helps to build powerful legs and strong lower body muscles because of weight lifts techniques.

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Hip Thrust is usually performed by lifting the barbell off the floor. If you want stronger hips, then this bodyweight workout should be part of your fitness routine. A bent leg hip extension workout is done by lying on your back or the bench and properly targeting glutes. The hip thrust is a perfect choice of weight lifters and bodybuilders to get stability in the posterior chain and build stamina in the lower part of your body. Let us see some interesting information about hip thrust in this article.

How to Do a Hip Thrust

How to do Hip Thrust

Step by Step Instructions

This exercise requires a bench or thruster. If you are a beginner at this workout, then it is always recommended to perform hip thruster in the presence of your coach or an instructor. Let us see the standard and basic form of the hip thrust.

  1. Initially set up your bench in the gym. Sit on the floor with your knees bent.
  2. Place your feet at the distance of hip-width apart. Your upper part of the body should touch the edge of the bench facing against it.
  3. With the help of your coach, place the barbell on your hips.
  4. Push the bar up with your hips, the hips your be in line with your knees and shoulder. Do not raise your feet, stick to the floor. To lift the barbell, only use your buttocks and hips. Then lower the bar down. 
  5. Your focus should be on your lower body watching lifting up and down the barbell.
  6. Use this same technique for all forms of hip thrust variations.
  7. Repeat these movements about 5 times.

Different Forms of Hip Thrust Exercises

Banded Barbell Hip Thrust

Banded Barbell Hip Thrust

In this form, a resistance band is tied across your thighs. Once the band is placed across thighs, continue doing your hip thrust as you did in the standard hip thrust method. Lift the barbell with thighs and do this movement for about 10 reps slightly at a faster rate. This form strengthens your glutes muscles ad also activates your hamstrings. You can do this variation without the barbell too, by lying on the floor.

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Legs Calved on Bench

Here you lie on the floor and place your legs on the bench. Make sure that you take the help of an instructor to do it because it requires much strength. Place the barbell on the hips and start doing the hip thrust exercise. This form helps your spine to keep erect and helps good growth in the glutes.

Hamstring Curl Machine

Hamstring Curl Machine

In this variation, you can use a hamstring curl machine to lift the weight from your hips. This variation targets your hamstrings along with hip flexor muscles that help your muscles to become active.

Frog Pumps

Frog Pumps

You can also do a hip thrust without a machine and in the comfort of your home. In this variation, simply lie down on the floor with hands placing straight and legs folded like a frog. Lift your buttocks and then start pumps by moving up and down. This glute pumping exercise isolates glutes and targets hamstrings and quads.

Bilateral Bridge

Bilateral Bridge

Lie down on the floor by bending your knees. Lift some lightweight dumbbell and place it on the hips. Hold on the edge of the dumbbell with your hands and place it on your thighs. Lift them up and down like same you did in the standard hip thrust version. This is much similar to frog pumps and it activates and creates tension in the glutes. This form helps to reduce lower back pain and gives you some comfort too.

Elevated Hip Thrust

Elevated Hip Thrust

Lie down on the floor in a supinated position and your foot should touch the edge of the bench. Thrust your hips in the air. This form helps to increase the range of motion to your glutes.

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Hip Thrust Benefits

Hip Thrust Benefits
  1. Hip thrust helps to build mass and increases the size of glutes.
  2. It is extremely beneficial for older adults and also weight lifters.
  3. Strong glutes are necessary to maintain stability in the pelvis and lower back, so the hip thrust is such exercise that promotes glute strength.
  4. If you are suffering from lower body pain or knee pain, you can do this exercise at your home after getting advised by the doctor.
  5. It is an excellent choice for athletes because stronger glutes are the key to lift higher weights.

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