Every human being needs some physical activity in their daily life if their body permits it. Seniors with dementia can find it extra helpful to stay active, as it can boost their cognitive functioning and improve their mood. Since dementia is a global public health priority, it is essential to focus on how to help people who live with dementia.

You can encourage your loved one with dementia to partake in daily activities and exercise by planning the activities for them. To make sure they don’t feel overwhelmed, you can create the plan accordingly. Here are some ways seniors with dementia can benefit from staying active.

How Seniors with Dementia Can Benefit from Staying Active

Stimulate the Brain

Helping your loved one participate in physical exercise can stimulate their brain, enhancing their cognitive abilities. Specialized staff in memory care living can help them with memory-engaging activities. Some dementia care homes focus on helping the senior ease into daily activities and encourage different activities.

Physical exercise, including dance, aerobics, or even gardening, can help an individual with dementia. However, it is crucial to remember not to overstimulate the brain. The exercises they do should depend on what they can handle based on the dementia stage.

How Seniors with Dementia Can Benefit from Staying Active

Reduce Likeliness of Other Health Problems

People with dementia already have a lot on their plates. Life for them can be stressful and exhausting. Adding another health problem, such as a stroke, can further reduce their quality of life. However, physical exercise can lower the chances of more health problems.

Regular exercise will keep several parts of their body healthy, their weight in control, and induce regular organ functioning. So, while helping their memory, exercise also improves their life overall.

A Form of Socialization

Whether the senior lives in a care home or by themselves, a physical exercise routine including other individuals will help them socialize. People with dementia often become withdrawn and pull away from social interaction. Since they are coping with complicated feelings, it impacts the way they feel about socialization. The feelings include both physical and mental changes.

If the senior with dementia starts enjoying physical activities with other seniors, they might gradually enjoy socializing again. More engagement with other people will improve their mood and temporarily shift their minds away from their problems.

How Seniors with Dementia Can Benefit from Staying Active

Lower Unexpected Hospitalization

Life is uncertain for every individual, whether or not they have dementia. However, people with dementia have higher chances of unexpected hospitalization requirements. But, a study found that exercise can decrease unexpected hospitalization in people with mild dementia.  

Exercise improves physical function and muscle strength, reducing the chances of falls, falls-related fractures, and other comorbidities. So, when people exercise more, they are less likely to encounter physical problems, requiring fewer hospital trips.

Physical activity is essential at any age. However, it can be extra advantageous for people with dementia. If your loved one lives with dementia, they might not realize the importance of being active. You can help them through this challenging process by finding activities that they can enjoy while improving their quality of life.