Best Yoga Mat

When buying a new yoga mat, there are a number of factors to consider. One of the most important is the sustainability of the mat’s manufacturing process. Many mats today are made with recycled materials, cork, or natural rubber, and some are certified by the OEKO-TEX certification agency to ensure sustainable manufacturing practices. Another consideration is whether or not the mat will give off a rubber odor, which is often deterrent to practicing yoga at first.

Yoloha Native Cork Mat

This cork yoga mat features an eco-friendly cork surface with extra thick padding to support your knees and wrists. It’s non-slip and offers excellent support to your knees, wrists, and ankles. It’s the perfect mat for beginners or advanced students.

The cork used in this mat has impressive antibacterial qualities, reducing harmful bacterial levels. It also does not absorb odors and is naturally water-resistant. You can wash the mat at least once a week, or as needed. Depending on your yoga routine, it can be sprayed or wiped clean.

The Yoloha yoga mat is perfect for all types of yoga and is extremely easy to clean. Cork is a natural cleaning agent, which takes the hassle out of mat cleaning. Moreover, it dries quickly. Another advantage of this mat is its eco-friendly cork and rubber combination that creates incredible traction.

Gaiam 6 mm

Gaiam’s 6 mm yoga mat features a textured surface that provides a firm grip and premium cushioning for a comfortable workout. It is available in different sizes and colors to meet your unique needs. This yoga mat is latex-free and lightweight. You can use it for both traditional and modern styles.

The Gaiam 6 mm yoga mat is a budget-friendly option. It is a bit smaller than most yoga mats and may be uncomfortable for taller practitioners. It’s also made of organic jute, which is natural and biodegradable. Jute is also very durable and antibacterial.

For those who want a more durable yoga mat, the Gaiam 8 mm yoga mat is the perfect option. Its thick cushioning and non-slip surface make it ideal for practicing yoga. In addition to offering superior grip and stability, it is also lightweight. The Gaiam 8 mm yoga mat is also eco-friendly and features a lifetime guarantee. It also comes with free yoga workout videos that you can download.

Tori Zhou’s Reversible (Big) Yoga Mat

Tori Zhou’s Reversible Yoga Mat is made of premium materials and offers a solid grip. This textured surface is designed to help you feel the balance and stability of each pose. As a bonus, it’s also latex-free, making it safe to use around the house.

Yoga mats come in a variety of materials, but the main consideration is the thickness. Thinner mats are easier to transport and have less bulk, while thicker ones provide more cushion and ground support. However, a thicker mat may not be as convenient for travel and may not be the best choice if you have wrist or knee issues.

Manduka eKO

Manduka’s eKO yoga mat has a unique and sustainable design, which makes it an ideal mat for a variety of yoga styles. It features a top layer made of closed cell natural tree rubber and a sea-grass texture, which makes it easy to clean. Moreover, the eKO’s 99% natural rubber construction eliminates the use of toxic glues during the binding process. This makes the mat durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Manduka is an environmentally conscious company, and their products are created to be as Earth-friendly as possible. They use non-Amazon tree rubber for their mats, which is 99% natural and free of latex. Besides being latex-free, the company also avoids using harmful dyes, PVC, and other chemicals that may disrupt hormone function.

Lululemon eKO

While different people have different needs from a yoga mat, most want to have one that can handle everything. For example, a beginner might need a large mat with plenty of cushioning, while an experienced yoga practitioner may need a mat with good grip and durability. Others might want a mat that is eco-friendly or PVC-free, while still providing a comfortable surface for yoga.

The eKO yoga mat has a thick, 1.5mm surface and folds up small enough to fit into a gym bag. It offers superior grip during sweaty yoga classes, and is made of sustainably harvested tree rubber. Though the mat can be used for many different types of workouts, it is best suited for 90-minute and longer classes.