No matter how nasty the breakup was, the chances of getting your ex back are 100%. But you have to employ the right tips and tricks. However, you need to execute the plan very well if you are to stand a chance to getting your ex back. You need confidence, discipline and being strategic for these tips and tricks to work for you.

People losing their girlfriends and boyfriends happens all the time, but the bigger challenge is how you get them back. Unfortunately, a good percentage of people never get their ex back. The reason why it does not happen is because they don’t have tips and tricks that actually.

We have rounded up 4 steps that have been found to work for many couples.

Step 1: Cut the communication

Cutting communication after a breakup is the first step to getting your ex back. Stop talking to them. The No Contact Rule simply means no call, no texts, and no social media stalking, etc. The key to succeeding in this step is to keep your emotions in check.

Although this is easier said than done, especially if you had an emotional breakup, it is one of the crucial steps that you must execute very extremely well. This is where you need high discipline to keep your emotions in check.

The no-contact period should last at least for weeks so that both of you can detox and get back to yourself. You must also avoid places that you know you might run into your ex as well- No contact rule means ‘no contact.’

Step 2: Avoid Committing these 3 Silly Mistakes

There are some silly but deadly mistakes that people make when they break up which ends making the situation worse. Some people think that things they do will make their ex to come back and that is where they go wrong.

First, you should never beg your ex to come back to you or use pity to get them back since it will make you look pathetic. It is a sign of desperation, and it will never and has never worked.

Second, you must not smother them with affection after a breakup since it’s also a sign of desperation.

Lastly, you must avoid doing things that you think will make your ex to feel jealous. That’s one mistake most people makes, and it ends pushing the ex further away. Don’t start flaunting with other girls or guys in their face since it’s immature and portrays a high level of your desperation.

Step 3: Work On Yourself

During the period of no contact, it is a perfect time to improve yourself and be a better person. You need to work on three aspects: your mind, body, and soul. Working on your mind is very important. You need to learn how to move on and accept the reality.

The biggest obstacle that you have to deal with is pining for what was lost and wishing things would be different. What you need at this stage is a peace of mind, and that is why you need to learn how to accept the reality.

Probably start a new workout routine and focus on exercising, since it helps to elevate your mood and helps to get you in shape. You should also make small changes in your hairstyle, wardrobe or maybe your make up since it’s a great way of improving overall confidence. For the soul, you should do things that you love. Spending time with friends or pursuing your passion is excellent therapy for the soul.

Step 4: Re-connect

Now that you have completed the no-contact period, you’ve not committed the 3 silly mistakes and you’ve taken time to work on yourself, it’s time to re-connect with your ex. At this time, both of you have forgotten about the bad times and have healed. You can reach out, or they contact you- either way, it should work.

A casual text such as “Hey, how are you?” should work. If they already miss you, they will respond or even call. Keep the conversation simple, fun, positive and don’t make things complicated by touching on the negativity. Avoid being manipulative. It is a great opportunity to test waters to see if it is safe to swim.

If everything goes well, arrange for a meeting and there should be no ‘rules’. Inviting them for coffee, a drink or a walk in the park will help keep things simple and casual. At this stage, things should flow naturally, and there is no doubt you will have gotten your ex back.

Final Thoughts

These are 4 steps that you should follow strictly to get your ex back. Once you have reconnected, let positive vibe grow and your getting back will be easy and effortless. It’s also wise to own up to the mistakes you committed and let them see you are now a better person. That’s simply how you get your ex back.


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