Moving into a retirement community can be a significant decision to make, especially when you feel like you’re moving away from your home and community and losing your independence. Moving into a supportive retirement community doesn’t have to spell the end of your independence, nor does it have to mean that you feel out of place in an unfamiliar environment. Once you’re all settled in your new abode, you can make some of the following changes to make it feel like home once more.

Lighten It Up

Whether you’re moving to Riverview Retirement Community, Riverview, or another retirement community, lightening the space should be one of the first things on your to-do list. If your home feels dark and dreary, your mood can follow suit.

You can brighten your new home in many ways, such as light-colored furniture with natural materials, lamps in dark corners, and brighter overhead bulbs. Keeping your curtains open to let in plenty of natural light might also be a good idea for making your new space comfortable for optimal wellness.

Display Mementos

Moving to a new home can be overwhelming, especially when everything is new, including your home and community. You might feel more at home in a new environment if you surround yourself with creature comforts from your old home. Family photos, books, special blankets, and cushions might all be things that mean a lot to you and make your new space seem more familiar.

Make Friends

It’s not always just your home’s four walls that make a property feel like home; it can also be the people surrounding it. While you can still connect with old friends and neighbors from your old property, you can also make new ones and enjoy wraparound community support.  Join local groups, clubs, and activities, and don’t be afraid to get to know your neighbors. New friendships might blossom before you know it.

Tend to the Garden

If you’re moving to a home with a garden that you can choose to maintain, make this your focus when you’re trying to make your property truly feel like yours. Plant flowers and shrubs you adore, add your favorite garden ornaments and even invest in lighting to make it a special place you can enjoy at all times.  If you’re unable to tend to the gardens yourself, think about the special touches you’d like to add, and pass this information on to your gardener.

Treat Yourself

Moving to a new house should be a positive experience, and treating yourself to something you’ve always wanted is a way to connect positively with your new home from the beginning. For example, if your sofa is old and dated, you can dispose of it before moving and treat yourself to a new one that will suit your space better. You might also treat yourself to a new bed that better suits your needs or maybe even a new TV or other fun gadgets.

Making your retirement property feel like home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. By connecting with your new community, treating yourself, and bringing a few creature comforts from your own home, it might not be long until you’re settled in and thriving.