Backache or pain is one of the most common physical ailments. American studies show that more than 16 million adults suffer persistent back pain, which has already become chronic. It is the sixth most common condition in the United States, and eight in 10 Americans suffer some kind of back pain that is nonspecific.

While one should certainly for to a doctor if they get sudden or severe back pain, one can certainly prevent developing the condition or follow some lifestyle changes to get relief from back ache. The good news is that it is possible to treat the nagging pain on your own.

 Given below are some treatments that are highly recommended by specialists and can be tried at home.

  • Keep moving and stay active– It is not uncommon to sit in front of the computers working for long hours or when engaged in a remote master’s degree. It is important to get up and keep moving to stay active as long hours of sitting in one place tend to make the muscles around the spine and in the back weaker, as asserted by orthopedics. So, get up every one or two hours to stretch yourself and take a short walk within the room.

  • Maintain a good posture– It is essential to keep a good posture at all times, whether you are sitting or standing. The spine should be in the right alignment with the rest of your body so as to ease out the pressure on the lower back. The head should be centered over the pelvis; the chin should be forward and with no slouch of the shoulders.

  • Avoid getting overweightMaintain a healthy weight as all those extra pounds exert extra pressure and load on the lower back. So, exercise regularly and eat healthy to keep your weight in check. A lower body weight helps as it lowers the mechanical exertion on the spine. One can try walking, swimming, or Pilates to shed weight.

  • Special exercises for the back – Do regular exercises and stretches that especially focus on the back and spine to reduce the discomfort. Consult an expert or physiotherapist to know which exercises can help manage back pain and do those exercises regularly and along with stretches to keep your back strong and spine in good shape.

  • Try ice and heat treatment – Those who suffer from mild backaches can try ice and heat treatment to get some relief from back pain. The treatment usually works for those with swelling or inflammation. They can use a heating and cooling pad at an interval of 15-20 minutes to relax any stiff or tight muscles.

As mentioned earlier, one must always consult their physician for acute discomfort in the lower back. However, one can undoubtedly prevent the condition from getting worse by following the above tips. Also, as a bonus tip, consider taking a vitamin D3 supplement if your doctor says so, as the vitamin helps in building neuromuscular, bone, and immune system functions. Explore various pain-relieving approaches to know what works best in your case.