The weather is too beautiful for you to stay inside all day, and you can’t really be expected to find something to do outside every single day. Why not turn your eyes to your patio, a beauteous beacon of domestic living, relaxing with your patio furniture and possibly even throwing barbecue or two.

Next, you might be wondering why you haven’t upgraded that patio in the last few years. Taking a look out there, I’m sure you can think of any number of feasible upgrades to make your patio the hippest (or one of the most hip) spot in the neighborhood, or at least an appreciably more hip spot than it was before.

Looking to Spruce up That Patio? Look No Further

Your backyard has way more potential than you might have thought. New furniture, a newly stained deck, and maybe even some even nicer trimmings are in order, so you’re going to want the best.

Top-Tier Outdoor Living

Looking to Spruce up That Patio? Look No Further

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to outdoor living, look no further than [B. Gordon Builders Inc.]( They got started building gorgeous physical structures exclusively, [but now they do it all]( From beautiful and innovative lighting and landscaping to genuinely crafted masonry, these guys can give your home the backyard paradise feel you’re going for. After 25 years in the business, these guys know exactly how to spruce up your yard.

Looking for a something out of the box for your deck, pavilion, or other similarly fancy structure to spruce up your yard? Since 1990, B.Gordon Builders has constructed an insane number of stand out designs, causing everyone from the top landscape designers to exclusive contractors recommending their work.

Their master craftsmen design with competitive prices in mind, without sacrificing the quality of their beautiful innovative structures. Everyone employed by BGB.Inc is highly trained, extremely likable, and most of all, dependable.

A Name You Can Trust

Looking to Spruce up That Patio? Look No Further

Just as they’ve worked hard for decades to build incredible outdoor living spaces, they apply the same philosophy to the confidence you can have when working with BGB Inc. When working with these advanced pros, you’ll see and feel the difference in quality between your new outdoor space and those around you.

Throughout the East Bay area, they’ve created a wave of structures ranking among the best in the business. You can’t really do better than B.Gordon Builders when it comes to advanced outdoor structures.

Worried that what you have in mind is too specific for a big company? [Never fear, as BGB Inc.]( will work with you every step of the way with your specifications in mind. Whether you need power running to your outdoor structure, or a simple patio accompaniment piece, these guys are ready to send professionals over that can figure out how to make exactly what you need.

Professionals All The Way

Looking to Spruce up That Patio? Look No Further

BGB Inc.’s partners are also the best in the business, from pavers to fence-makers to classic stone masons, you can expect the highest quality work possible. Their landscaping and lighting efficiency is second to none, and when you’re hoping to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the great outdoors with all the amenities of your beautiful home, you can’t do any better.

Your outdoor patio is more than likely being underused, (if you’ve already gotten to work on this, then I don’t mean you) so you better make sure you spruce it up for the rest of the summer.

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