Climbing is a great exercise option to improve your physical fitness. If you want to climb at the comfort of your home and burn your calories quickly, then Maxi climber is the solution. It is a vertical climber workout that involves cardio and aerobics to help you get a toned muscular body.

Maxi climber is different from that of the treadmill or a stair stepper. The movement mimics that of climbing on a mountain or wall. The entire body is engaged while you are doing this workout. So, it is exceptionally a brilliant workout if you want to lose weight quickly and effectively.

The Ultimate Guide to Working Out on a Maxi Climber

Precautions Before Workout

  1. Set up your fitness machine according to the given user manual and then proceed to begin the workout.
  2. Always make sure that you use a maxi climber only after holding the handles do no use it without holding the handles.
  3. Always choose the level that suits your body and strength.
  4. While performing the exercise and to avoid any injuries, do not lean your body against the maxi climber.
  5. If your body weight is more than 240 lbs, do not use a maxi climber. 

How to Do

  1. Start by grabing the right handle of the machine with your right hand.
  2. Put your right foot on the right pedal without losing the grip on the handle.
  3. Start climbing and grab the left handle with your left hand.
  4. Then finally, by stepping on the left pedal by your left foot and the right pedal by your right foot, begin your exercise.
  5. The entire movement feels like you are climbing effortlessly and will enjoy this workout.
  6. You have to take a major precaution while using a maxi climber. Do not be too close to the handle otherwise, you will hit your face.
  7. Avoid pulling the machine too much towards you, if so then you will end up getting back pain and also harm the maxi climber machine.

Different Positions and Exercises to Do on a Maxi Climber

Warm-up Position

Burn Your Fat By Using a Maxi Climber and Get a Natural-Toned Body
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It is a simple position on the climber where you take small step strides to begin the workout. Initially start climbing on the pedals by setting fixed handles at very low height. Begin the warm-up exercise by slow climbing by taking small steps. You can do this for 10 minutes till you get a hold of the machine.

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Increased Step Size Position

Increased step size position
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Once you get comfortable with warming exercise, then slowly start increasing your step size on the pedal. You can take a larger step than warm-up position. You will notice that your tempo slows down. Also in this step, the climber targets the largest muscles that are lower body muscles, buttocks and that will prove beneficial for you.

Biceps Focus Position

In this position, the climber will target the biceps and upper body muscles. Take a smaller step on the pedal than the previous position and grab the upper handles and start your climbing workout. The palms should be facing towards you while grabbing your handles.

Full Body Workout Position

Once you get used to the machine, start increasing your step size and go into deeper movement. As you start taking larger strides on pedals, simultaneously lift the machine handles by moving them from an up and down position. Slowly start increasing your speed and take giant strides at a faster rate. Remember to increase your range of motion too as it helps to increase flexibility and strengthens your full body muscles.
The whole movement of this workout helps to burn fat easily and build lean muscles. You can continue to climb for around 15 minutes. In between this exercise, for relaxing and recovery, you can switch back to your warm-up position and then continue back at your normal workout position.

Rise and Climb Workout

Rise and Climb Workout
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In this position, you need to first begin with a warm-up position, then extend your arm fully, grab your handles and move them up and down rapidly for 30 seconds while pedaling your foot. Remember to inhale properly and do not hold your breath while doing the rapid movement. You can switch the timings at the next step by 15 seconds. Make sure that you do not lean your body on the machine.

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Benefits of Maxi Climber

  1. The whole body workout on a maxi climber helps to burn fat in the comfort of your home. You can achieve a lean physique by planing out high-intensity training and cardio workout on the machine.
  2. Another major benefit is high-calorie burning. In a 30 minutes exercise, you will burn around 500 calories which is a huge advantage.
  3. This vertical climber helps you to attain VO2 max, which means it helps to increase oxygen consumption during high-intensity exercise.
  4. It is a total time-efficient kind of exercise. You can start or stop exercise at your choice and comfort level
  5. If you need a total body workout and majority upper body strength then this is a perfect choice of workout for you.

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