Here’s a sneak peek at men’s fashion show runways.

It was just the year’s first quarter, and there is always time to know the latest in men’s fashion. There are a lot of reinventions here from leaning more on the vintage feels and donning the vivid shades and styles inspired by the ’80s and ’90 styles. Also, the military throwbacks are in, with a tip on how not to look too militaristic.

If you are starting to fill in the closet, here are the latest trends you will surely like and be your next favourite thing.  

1. Tailoring loosens up in suits

For this year, we are ditching those super slim-fit, razor-sharp suits. Now you can enjoy more room to move without looking baggy or sloppy. 

Willy Chavarria’s collection recently won the National Design Award for Fashion Design and has always favoured volume and extra-large silhouettes to “reclaim [the] space that has been taken” from people of colour. Still, a new level of softness and sensuality was woven through his collection this time. 

Additionally, simple and oversized tailored suits are now available in wool blend materials that look cool when paired with jeans and dress shoes. You can also wear it with a turtleneck when in the colder season.

Men's fashion Shield sunglasses and surf aviators

Source: Vallon

2. Shield sunglasses and surf aviators

The year 2023 makes our eyewear lean more on the vintage feel, but worth every penny. Lenses in red, orange, and yellow are now the “new retro” paired with metallic frames. 

Inspired by retro 80 surf style, our eyewear collection now adds surf aviators that bring all the vintage feels with the benefits of a modern polarized lens. Some brands have a wide range of surf aviators, from simple, to luxury and futuristic styles that would surely fit any style.

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3. Commando Shoes

This 2023, there are military throwbacks in the footwear department as commando shoes in their more wearable version take the front line. Rappers such as Drake and Stormzy sported commando shoes and dressed them up in combination with utility vests and combat pants.

The best commando shoes for men is the throwback WWII-era feel – clean, minimal above-ankle Derby silhouettes crafted from waxed leather with double soles that can transition well from jeans to chinos to trousers.

Men's fashion Commando Shoes

4. Cargo Pants

Still, on the military throwbacks, another men’s fashion trend for 2023 is the comeback of cargo pants, with its military lines and at least two pockets on the side. 

5. Blue Jeans

Men never have enough jeans, so it is a staple in the wardrobe.

Denim jeans are practically comfortable, and with their wide range of designs, colours, and styles, there is always a pair that would suit well on any day, whether business or casual. 

In 2023, the men’s fashion trend is a reinvention of blue denim jeans, worn with flair and a denim-on-denim look. 

Men's fashion Sleeker Trenches

6. Sleeker Trenches

The trench coat is also reinvented while remaining an outerwear staple. Yet, the design is another throwback to the classic trenches, which are a little oversized that would also give more movement and comfort. 

In a wrap-up, the 2023 men’s fashion trend is about bringing back the retro style in a more modern style called the “new retro. The ’80s and ’90s inspire most kinds in their throwback party-themed colours, vivid shades, and colour blocks. The best thing is these fashion trends come not only in expensive collections but also at affordable prices, which will make you look classy and fashionable on a budget.

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