The mid-fade haircut is gaining popularity because of its classy and neat appearance. This middle ground of high and low fade is easy to maintain and style and its versatility makes it the best choice of most men of all ages.

Mid-fade is the in-between fade length, compared with high and low fade, and maybe the most versatile. It can be cut lower or higher, on a curve or a straight line. The fades are often, but not always, drop fades that arc down behind the ears. It is a flattering choice for all guys because it doesn’t add any width at the sides without showing too much bald head. That makes the mid fade extra flattering for men with round faces and works well for thick hair, curly hair, and black hair.

What Defines a Mid-Fade Haircut?

A mid-fade haircut is a faded haircut that starts at a level between the temples and ears and halfway down as it gradually blends into the hair on the crown of the head.

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Mid Fade Haircut: 2023's Hottest Style | Tips & Inspiring Ideas 3

Expert Styling Tips for the Perfect Mid Fade

The mid-fade looks good for those with curly or straight hair – literally for everyone. Whatever your face shape is, the mid fade gives that bold, cool, and versatile style. 

But there are still ways to amp up that style.

Choosing the Right Fade Level

The right fade level depends on the type of your hair. If you have thick and curly hair, the higher fade is, the better it looks. For thin, straight hair, the lower fade would suit you best. For shorter hair, a shorter fade is the best option.  

Combining the Mid-Fade with Different Hairstyles

The best thing about mid-fade haircuts is their versatility, as they can be combined with different hairstyles. Among the different hairstyles, the short curls would show best in the mid-fade because the natural waves will blend perfectly while keeping the lower part of the head clear – hence, the coils will stand out.   

If you have long hair, the mid fade with a longer fade will also create a professional look. 

Mid Fade Haircut: 2023's Hottest Style | Tips & Inspiring Ideas 2

Maintaining Your Mid-Fade Haircut at Home

Maintaining the mid-fade haircut at home is easy, and it can make the fade last longer, less the bucks. 

According to DC The Barber of famed Los Angeles-based lifestyle boutique and barber shop, “No matter how good or bad your fade hairstyle is, if you have messed up neck hair, a ton of ear hair, or even a unibrow, nobody is even going to look at your fade.” 

Using a razor, clean all hair growth areas, including the eyebrow, ears, and nose. Otherwise, the mid-fade will highlight these areas.

Only go anywhere in the haircut if you are professional. Leave that to the barbers, or you may ruin the haircut. Just make sure to keep the area clean from stray hair. 

The mid-fade haircut depends on the desired overall style, face shape, and hair type. But overall, mid-fade suits almost everyone. First, discuss the desired mid-fade style with your barber to get the best look that suits your preferences and the look you want to convey.

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