Since 1974, Patel Brothers has been a staple in the Indian-American community, bringing authentic flavors from India to the United States.

What began as a small grocery store in Chicago has grown into the largest Indian grocer in the country. With its commitment to quality, diversity, and community, Patel Brothers continues to be a beloved destination for those seeking the tastes of India.

From Humble Beginnings: How Patel Brothers Started as a Small Grocery Store in Chicago

Patel Brothers: Bringing Authentic Indian Flavors to US Since 1974
Patel Brothers

Patel Brothers’ story began in 1974 when two brothers, Mafat and Tulsi Patel, opened a small grocery store in Chicago. As new immigrants from India, they struggled to find the ingredients they seriously missed from their home country. This desire pushed them to import fresh spices, mangoes, lentils, and chickpea flour in order to cater to the growing Indian diaspora. 

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At present, the company has already grown from being a small store to the largest Indian grocer in the United States, with 57 locations in 19 states. Patel Brothers remains a symbol of the American Dream today, with the story of two brothers growing a small storefront into a multimillion-dollar brand that serves a growing community.

Beyond Curry: Exploring the Diverse Range of Products at Patel Brothers

Patel Brothers: Bringing Authentic Indian Flavors to US Since 1974
Photo by: Patel Brothers

While spices and sauces may be the first things that come to mind when thinking of Indian cuisine, Patel Brothers offers a diverse range of products that go beyond the traditional curry flavors. Patel Brothers has something for everyone, from snacks and sweets to frozen foods and ready-to-eat meals.

Patel Brothers: Bringing Authentic Indian Flavors to US Since 1974
SWAD Products

Swad Bombay Mix, also known as chiwda or chevdo, is a popular snack among Patel Brothers’ customers. This crunchy, savory combination of puffed rice, peanuts, and spices is perfect with an evening cup of tea. Swad Masala Banana Chips and Masala Papdi are two other popular snacks with a unique combination of flavors and textures.

And for those who are completely new to Indian cuisine, Patel Brothers has a wide selection of spice blends and mixes, such as garam masala and chaat masala, that make it easy to add authentic Indian flavors to your dishes.

Building a Community: How Patel Brothers Supports and Celebrates Indian Culture Across America

Patel Brothers is not just a supermarket chain; it is also a community center that promotes and supports Indian culture throughout the United States. They do not only sell Indian products but also host cultural events, cooking classes, and food festivals to bring the community together and share the rich traditions of Indian cuisine.

Patel Brothers: Bringing Authentic Indian Flavors to US Since 1974
Photo by: Patel Brothers

A great example is the annual Diwali festival, which is the Hindu festival of lights and one of India’s most important holidays. Patel Brothers’ Diwali celebration includes traditional food, music, and dance performances, and is an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to learn about and participate in this vibrant cultural tradition.

The Future of Flavor: How Patel Brothers Continues to Innovate and Expand its Offerings

Despite its success, Patel Brothers is still constantly evolving to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs. The company is committed to providing authentic Indian flavors and the best possible shopping experience both in-store and online through its own SWAD brand and the introduction of new and exciting products. 

This business is obviously poised to remain a leader in the Indian grocery industry for years to come, as they kept providing customers with new and diverse flavors that celebrate the richness and diversity of Indian culture.

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