Have you heard of the plank challenge? In this challenge, an individual must plank or do plank exercises a couple of times a day for 30 days. With each passing day, the individual must gradually increase the duration of time he or she can plank. Some people stick to the standard plank and they do it 3 times a day. There are those who kick it up a notch by doing different variations of the plank.

People take on this challenge to improve their core strength and their stamina. There have been many reports and testimonials of the challenge’s effectiveness. So, are you planning on taking on the challenge to improve your core strength? If you are, then here are some tips for you to conquer it.

Learn to execute the perfect plank

It might look easy at first but executing a plank is harder than it seems. The main mistake people make is that they want to feel comfortable when planking so they adjust their plank pose to what suits them.

To get started, hold a position as if you’re about to do a push-up. Then plant your elbows on the ground symmetrical to your shoulders. Place your hands on the floor with open palms and then engage the core. The key to doing the perfect plank is making sure that your body is in a straight line from head to your heels. It’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable at first but when you get the hang of it, you’ll body will better react and you’ll have more endurance.

Try different plank variations

Plank Challenge for Core Strength

Photo by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash

The instructions above are for a forearm plank with the forearms planted to the floor. The standard plank uses the entire arm to stay up. So, it’s like doing a push-up but not going down. There are more plank variations you can do that can give better benefits to the body.

For example, some people do the forearm plank with knee taps or shoulder taps. These variations better engage the core for better results. Learn more about different plank variations to maximize your efforts for this challenge.

Keep it short and work your way up

One of the biggest mistakes people do when planking is forcing themselves to hold the pose longer. By doing that, the body gets drained up more easily that actually cuts down your planking time. Start with 20 or 30 seconds at first. Keep doing that and when you find yourself having more energy to plank longer, go for it. When it comes to planking, remember that it is always quality over quantity.

Strengthen your core

Another key to improving your core strength is by strengthening it with other exercises. Planking or the plank challenge isn’t the only way you can strengthen your core. According to the Australia Fitness Academy, side plank, v-sits, l-twists, Russian twists, bicycle ab crunch, and dumbbell side bends are some of the best exercises to improve core strength.

Ready for the plank challenge?

If you’re about to start your 30-day plank challenge, then make sure to prepare everything you need. Get the right workout equipment, eat healthy food that gives you a lot of nutrients and energy, get enough sleep, and strengthen your mind.