A pull workout is an effective workout to build strength and mass in your body and is the opposite of a push workout. A concentric contraction is involved during a pull workout movement. For a good strength training plan, you should do a push workout and pull workout together. A pull workout usually involves pulling motion while doing upper body exercises. To build correct posture and mobility the pull workout targets the back muscles group.

A pull workout is a popular choice of exercise amongst athletes and bodybuilders. Because it helps to maintain a balanced physique. The major target muscles of pull workouts are the biceps, back and forearms. Pull workout is actually a part of push/pull/leg routine. The routine involves splitting up the exercises into one week. A few days for push, then for pull and you conclude it with leg routine. Sometimes there is a combo workout for push and pull which is more effective. Read the article to know more about pull workouts and how could we benefit from this exercise.

30-Minute Pull Workout

30-Minute Pull Workout

Doing Back Biceps and Cardio for full 30 minutes every day will help you build muscle mass and gain upper body strength. The equipment used here would be a set of dumbbells. You should split up this regime into 3 parts. In the first part of Single Arm Row and dumbbell pullover for 10 minutes, it targets your back muscles. Then goes the second part that focuses on the biceps that Cardio Tabata and hammer curls. Single Arm Back Fly and 2 reverse grip rows for back and biceps should be done for the last 10 minutes.

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Some Pull Workout Exercises


Deadlift pull workout

For deadlifts, you can use a kettlebell, barbell, or dumbbell. The workout primarily targets hamstrings glutes and back. For doing it, stand on the feet with shoulder-distance apart. Keep an erect spine, bend your knees slightly and then lift the barbell. Remember your pulling the weight and also your main focus should be engaging with lats. Your butt and hamstrings should be squeezed when you return to starting position.

Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell Rows

It is also known as bent over row and when pulled it focuses on major muscles like lats, rhomboids, and trapezius. Doing dumbbell rows is an easy pull workout and you can also try it with a kettlebell. By standing a hip-width apart, grab the dumbbell with one hand and the other hand should rest on a stand. You have to slightly hinge forward and pull the dumbbell towards your rib cage.

When you are engaging in this pull workout, your elbows will be in contract and face towards the ceiling. Dumbbell rows can be done with both hands or a single hand. You can do many variations with it. The major benefit you could be getting with this is muscle building and bulk biceps.

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Dumbbell Pullover

Do 30-Minute Pull Workout to Maintain Better Physical Fitness

A dumbbell pullover is the best pull workout that targets lats and chest muscles. For performing a dumbbell pullover, lie on the bench by facing the ceiling. Make sure to not arch your back. Grab the dumbbell of low weight with both your hands and move it slowly extending up over your head. Your elbows should be straight and not bent. Slowly bring the weights down near your chest to the starting position. You can do variations by switching the position one hand at a time. Once you get the grip of the dumbbell pullover you will soon start noticing stability and core strength in your body.

Pull Up

pull up pull workout

The most common form and followed the exercise of pull workout is pull up. As the name suggests it surely involves pulling up muscles. You just need a bar to hang on and also it can be done at your home gym. Hold the bar and make sure that the height is well enough to hang on. With overhand grip and putting your strength, pull your body and go straight slightly above the bar. Your chin should be extending slightly above the bar. Come back to the normal position. This traditional pull workout will help you to target major upper body muscles and lats. It is worth doing this exercise every day and is surely the best pull workout.

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