Whether it is for health reasons or simply for mild vanity’s sake, we all would want to have a toned mid-section. Washboard abs are the thing and flabs are very much unwelcome.

However, many of us are more inclined to deal with more of the latter, given the lifestyle choices that are made. There would times when indulging on cheeseburgers, pizza and beer are more blindly satisfying than salads or lean meat, and of course, these decisions would manifest in the form of a 40-inch waistline.

There are a good number of exercises out there that are meant for fat burning and losing belly fat, but not all of them are as effective as advertised. That is why we have compiled a list of ten weight loss exercises that burn more calories and help achieve that toned, flat belly you have always wanted.

1. Battle Rope Burpees

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Battle rope drills are already physically challenging in itself, but adding burpees into the mix would make this exercise a lot crazier. This is a good exercise that not only gives you a good sweat but also helps reduce the belly fat you’ve accumulated through the years of having a McDonald’s diet.

2. Burpees

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You can actually do away with the battle ropes and stick with just burpees, and this can still be very effective in terms of trying to lose belly fat. The explosiveness of the movement is able to target all muscles in the body, including the abdominals.

3. Split Squat Jumps

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Also known as plyometric lunges, this exercise is another one that targets all muscles in the body. Body weight exercises such as this one are always good options for effective fat burning and eventual weight loss.

4. Mountain Climbers

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This is also known as doing the plank with a twist. You are on the same position, but at the same time, moving one knee at a time towards the chest area. This high-intensity workout targets the lower core muscles, which includes the abdominals.

5. Crunch Ankle Touch

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If you have gone this far down the list, you may have already seen a common trend here. These exercises are seemingly upgrades of its original versions, such as this one. If you want to lose that belly fat, add in some ankle touches onto your crunch exercise. By doing this, you add more pressure to your core muscles, making it one heck of an ab exercise.

6. Medicine Ball Slams

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This workout is similar to a squat jump, in a sense that it is a full-body workout that requires a little explosiveness. The medicine ball slam is a good all-around workout, not only to reduce belly fat, but to reduce stress levels as well.

7. Side Plank

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The plank can actually be customized and done in many ways to target various parts of the abdomen. The side plank is done in order to reduce the levels of side fats, leaving no room for those love handles. This belly fat home workout can be easily added as a supplement to your other personal regimens.

8. High Knee Run

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Otherwise known as jogging in place. The difference here is that both knees almost touch the chest area, making for a more cardio-based workout. It does still help get the job done in terms of fat burning.

9. Side Lunges

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You may think this only targets the lower body, but if done right, it can also be an effective workout to ab exercise. How so? By keeping those core muscles contracted as you do the lunges, you target that specific area of the body. This will help speed up the exercise to lose belly fat.

10. Squats

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Just like the side lunges, squats are also good workouts that are heavily concentrated on the lower body but target the upper body muscles as well. By keeping your ab muscles contracted in this exercise as well, you also elevate the chances of getting that flat belly you have been aspiring for.


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