You’re not always going to like working out. Some days it’ll be a struggle. With these tips, it’ll be much easier, and possibly even enjoyable.

There are many sources that state these steps make working out more enjoyable. It’s said that people work out mostly because they love it. If you’re someone who is struggling with weight issues, whether it’s obesity or just simply need to exercise to gain some pounds, follow these tips to grow your interest in hitting the gym!

1. Do Workouts You Only Enjoy.

What’s the point of doing something that you don’t want to do? It’s also important to keep interest in order to be motivated. It doesn’t need to be something that you’re friend is doing to lose weight or gaining muscle. If it’s an exercise that you’re not interested in, then you will find an excuse to skip it that night, and the night after that and so on. Whether it’s swimming, basketball, baseball, only you know what you like!

2. Actually Learn How To Love Exercising

Mot of us know these kinds of people. They get out of bed in the morning to tackle their sunrise bike rides. After work, they go straight to the gym no matter how long the day is. They’re the ones who actually look like they enjoy themselves when they lift. You want to be like that? It takes discipline and a change of mindset.

The question most of you have is, is it possible? The answer is yes. Gym experts say, you can teach yourself to love exercise. Get into the workout groove by mimicking their habits. When you go to the gym, try to follow their rhythm.

3. Have A Friend To Exercise With!

It’s always nice to have a friend with you! No matter if it’s working out or any other activity you do. In life, it’s always nice to have a party of two since one can feel like a lonely number. Which is why it’s beneficial to have someone who already know’s the ropes to working out so they can guide you along the way.

Exercising addicts get by with a little help from their friends. There is a study in University of Southern California that explains that people have a lot more fun while working out with a friend. Ask your friends if they want to work out! They might surprise you.

4. Don’t Think About How Much Weight You’re Losing

We as people are more likely to be more motivated into something when it’s in the short term than the long term. If you only focus on to getting rid of the 40 pounds, it’ll feel like it’s work. Working out and exercising should feel like it’s an enjoyable hobby, not a hastle.

When you stop thinking about how your workouts are affecting your weight, you may actually start seeing the pounds melt away. Cornell University research suggests that framing your exercise as something other than calorie burning, for instance a break or “you time”, can help you dread it less.

5. Turn Up The Music!

One of the reasons why you see people working out in the gym with earbuds in their ears is because music is huge motivator. This was researched by the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

It is said that music distracts you from being fatigued and is better to push yourself harder when doing so. It’s strongly recommended that you have a playlist of your favorite songs and press shuffle or repeat with the songs you love.

6. Dress For The Role

If you have comfortable, cool clothes you want to show off at the gym, it’ll help give you that push to get there. Not only will you be excited to wear your new clothes, but seeing yourself pumping out a great workout in those clothes can make a huge difference.

7. Treat Yourself!

For every workout you get through, go to your favorite book store, coffee shop or sign up to a cooking class of some kind. Using a reward system will help you start thinking about working out in a positive light. You’ll be excited to hit the gym because you’ll get something great out of it.

Working out doesn’t have to be such a difficult task. Knowing how to make it fun can help you get to the gym more often and improve your health.

[image credit: Huffington Post]

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