Surfer hair has existed since the 1950s. During this time, it became known and popular around the world. Surfer hair is a superb men’s hairstyle that fits men of all ages. It brings out a carefree style that is suitable for hair that is curly, straight, or wavy.

When you look at a person with a surfer’s hair, you may think they are coming from the beach, or the strong wind of the sea has swept away their hair. That is because surfer hair is more of a summer hairstyle that looks messy, unkempt, yet stylish.

It is low-maintenance yet easy to achieve. With a touch of pomade or wax, the hair will look good and pamper your looks. Further, you can naturally style it to your liking; thus, you may leave loose curls or locks if you like.

Box Braids Hairstyle for Men

Whether looking for a summer beach, or a day-to-day hairstyle to rock, you might consider having these 19 cool surfer men’s hairstyles. 

1. Tousled Hairstyle

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Tousled hair looks messy yet appealing. You may think the hair is blown by wind because of its curly appearance. A tousled hairstyle is achieved by cutting the sides clean and leaving long hair on top. The hair is bleached blond naturally by exposing it to seawater and sun.

Alternatively, you can use sea salt spray to achieve this appearance. That brings out a classic modern look. You can rock any time. The surfers rocked this hairstyle back in the 1950s. Their way of doing it was to leave the hair unkempt for some time. 

2. Man Bun

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is common to most men. That is because it is easy to pull and classy. Most men find it easy to tie their hair to a bun away from their faces. Further, they can choose to make it blond or leave it the way it is. The good thing about this man’s hairstyle is that it works for natural curls. It works well if you have a mate product. Just apply it in your hands and run it through the hair before tying it. 

3. Long Curly

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

It is complex to maintain a long curly hairstyle, but it is easy to pull out. This hairstyle looks unkempt and unruly. But it is a hairstyle that is excellent because it can frame the face and leave you looking good. To make it manageable, maintain its texture yet enhance the volume by using a styling product. That will make the hair have that messy, curly look that brings out the surfers’ hairstyle. It is a hair that you can rock anytime, anywhere. 

4. Long Wavy Style

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Long wavy hair has been popular for a long time. If you look down memory lane, you will discover it is the hairstyle that rock stars and surfers used to love. That made it popular, and a man rocking long wavy hair looks good. You can style it in different hairstyles, but most men leave it lying loose to bring out that wavy look. If you exercise a little patience and let it grow, you can rock your mellow waves. 

5. Long Straight Hairstyle

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

This is one of the most effortless hair to maintain. Long, straight hair doesn’t require loads of maintenance. You can choose to have the right haircut to keep it manageable. Choose styling products that can maintain the hair’s natural texture without giving it a kinky feel. A sulfate shampoo and conditioner can give it a pleasant look and leave it feeling fresh. Don’t forget to trim it regularly to avoid the hair having dead ends and for detangling purposes. If you take care of your long, straight hair in the right way, you will look cool with minimal effort.

6. Medium Length Messy

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

The name says it all; messy. It is a cool surfers’ men’s hairstyle that gives a lazy look. That is because the hair makes you look as if you are coming straight from bed. It looks unkempt, yet it has an appealing look. The hairstyle has become popular lately since it doesn’t require much maintenance. You can use wax to make the stands firm and full, thus giving it a long-lasting effect.

7. Medium Length Wavy Hair

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

You can achieve so much with a medium-length wavy surfer hairstyle. This kind of style is fantastic since it is easy to maintain and rock. One of the most common styles that men use to rock this hairstyle is tying it as a hair bun. Others let it hang loose to bring out a classy look. You can choose to make some strands blonde or use some products to enhance the natural texture. Whichever way you choose, this hairstyle can look nice if you have a mid-length beard. It brings out masculinity. 

8. Curly Quiff Hairstyle

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

The curly quiff hairstyle is classic, stylish and curly locks make you look cool. It is popular with men of all ages. An easy way to create curly quiff hair is by using a hairbrush. Brush the hair upwards to achieve the curls. Note that you will need to be patient to achieve the curls because you need to section the hair bit by bit. Consider working with different hair products too, to achieve the best. If you need to maintain the curly quiff hair at different lengths, you can visit your barber and have it shaved to your liking. 

9. Wavy Quiff

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Create a wavy quiff by maintaining the volume at the top. But this entirely depends on the shape of your face, the hair length, and texture. The wavy quiff brings out that unique look. The sides can be maintained short by either brushing or shaving. You can also use wax or gel to enhance the volume. The wavy quiff is one perfect example of a men’s surfer’s hairstyle since it brings out that rugged feel to the hair. It makes the hair look relaxed and has that aesthetic feel. 

10. Skin Fade

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Skin-faded hairstyles are common among many men. That is because it is low maintenance and doesn’t take much time to style. It is fashionable because you can rock it on different occasions. The-faded hairstyle has that modern look that makes you stylish. This surfers’ men’s hairstyle is achieved by shaving clean round the head and leaving some hair on top. You can choose to raise the top hair slightly to achieve the needed volume. 

11. Mid Fade

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Mid fade is a cool surfer men’s hairstyle cut. It is between low fade and long fade, making it one of the best wearable cuts. It is styled in different dimensions to bring out that fantastic look. The hair is cut short at the sides, and the top is styled differently, giving it a cool yet aesthetic look. You can achieve and maintain the curls by using different hair products like pomade or wax. The length of the hair depends on your preference, but you can set it in different styles. 

12. Long Messy Fringe

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

A long messy fringe hairstyle is perfect for men who don’t fear trying new things. It is a surfer’s men’s hairstyle that requires you to set aside some time. That is because it needs lots of styling to keep the fridge in place and stylish. Fortunately, the style can go with any type of hair. However, you will need to have some products to keep the hair in place. The best way to rock a long, messy fringe hairstyle is by styling it sideways. That way, you will not have hair falling in your eyes. But it is not limited to that, since you can choose any style that suits your preference. 

13. Short Fringe

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Short fringe hairstyles are simple and require minimal maintenance. You can choose to have tapered sides or go for an undercut. Whichever style you choose, it leaves you looking good. Note that a short fringe hairstyle, it will give your face an edgy look. This is a perfect surfers hairstyle for men who don’t have time to spend doing their hair or, rather, men who are in the sport. 

14. Wet Hairstyle

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

This is a hairstyle that surfers usually have while emerging from the sea. It was a natural hairstyle that never required much. The hair was left wet, and with the salty breeze of the sea, it remained curvy. Then the sun gave it a natural blonde.  But if you admire a wet hairstyle, you can achieve it by using a hair styling gel. That will help set the hair and keep it in place—the style suits men with different head shapes. You can set the hair according to your preference. It is possible to achieve the look if you love having a fringe or combing the hair backward or sides.

15. Undercut

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Undercut surfer’s hairstyles for men don’t need lots of maintenance. It is an ideal hairstyle for men who don’t enjoy spending loads of time styling their hair. It is left long in the middle, while the sides and back are kept short. The hairstyle is stylish but looks fancier on people with slightly wavy hair. It seems to bring out a layered look that looks cool. That doesn’t mean you can’t have it if your hair is not wavy. Anyone can rock this hairstyle. 

16. Curtains Hairstyle 

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

It is not a new hairstyle since it has existed for a while now. Curtains’ hairstyles are versatile since you can rock them in a unique style. It is the surfers’ men’s hairstyle that seems not to grow old. The ideal way to rock the curtain hairstyle is to either have a fade or an undercut at the sides. Then, depending on your hair, you can style it the way you want. In most cases, the remaining hair is long, but it is not a must. The texture of the hair doesn’t matter much because anyone can do it. 

17. Crew Cut

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Arguably, this is one of the surfers’ men’s hairstyles that you will get with most men. The style is suitable for all occasions, including formal places. It requires minimal maintenance, and it’s a style you can rock without thinking much about it. Styling is easy since it is left short. Mostly, you can cut the back short and leave slightly longer hair at the top of the head. If you are looking for a fuss-free look, then this is the style to rock.

18. Shag Hairstyle

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

The shag hairstyle came into the limelight back in the 70s. It became popular when David Cassidy, a boy known for the TV series “The Partridge Family,” rocked the hairstyle. Since then, the hairstyle has become a household name across the globe. But shag hairstyles are simple to maintain since it doesn’t take much time to style. The hairstyle can be laid on the top and the sides. It can be on long or short hair, and the texture of the hair doesn’t matter. It is suitable for different occasions since it brings a laid-back option.

19. Buzz Cut

Surfer Hair: 19 Cool Surfer Hairstyles for Men

A buzz cut is one of the simplest kinds of men’s hairstyles. It is effortless to maintain and doesn’t need tons of products or spend lots of money. You only need to groom and trim it occasionally to maintain the length. It is clipped close to the head by the use of a razor blade. Then it has a cut that clearly outlines your facial features. The hairstyle looks cool on people with oval-shaped faces, though anyone can rock it.  Mostly, you can find military men embracing this kind of hairstyle. That is mainly because of the nature of their job. 

Final Thoughts

Surfer hair for men has been worked on in recent years. But the reality is that the surfer’s hair is a result of the sun and sea. It is the salty breeze of the sea that gives surfer hair its texture and volume. That makes the hair crunchy and wavy. Then the sun beats it and gives it some natural highlights. But you can work it with your barber and achieve the look that you want.