Consumers today are more conscious than ever with their purchases. With the on-going conversations about the impact of fashion on the environment as well as the growing curiosity of people on how their clothes are created, it is only understandable that brands are starting to put effort on making themselves fair trade and sustainable. Although the conversation is there, sustainable brands are still relatively few, with only a handful who are willing to be transparent with their processes. Most of the brands cater to women, but more and more labels are starting to sell pieces for men. There are even street wear brands exploring this new realm of fashion. Here’s a helpful list to guide you to a more sustainable fashion shopping in the future.

Want sustainable clothing? Check out Braver GentleMan
From Braver GentleMan

Brave GentleMan

Launched in 2010, Brave GentleMan was the first ever vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world. The brand has introduced innovative and high-tech solutions to creating sustainable pieces, which actually garnered praise from all over the industry. Its founder, Joshua Katcher, bagged PETA’s Most Influential Designer of 2015 and was also named as COCO ECO Magazine’s 2014 Man of the Year. Some of their notable creations are the Italian “future leather” which is durable, water resistant, and of course, leather-free. They also create suit linings and outerwear made from recycled plastic bottles.


A brand created to provide support for cold water surfers, Finisterre brings their love for the sea to another level by creating innovative pieces that are high quality and sustainably sourced. They make sure that what they create are built to last, lessening future waste while making sure that their customers only get the best quality possible. Of course, they make sure that these pieces are sustainable, creating recycled insulation jackets and using organic cotton for shirts, among many other efforts.


Ever since its creation, Patagonia has always believed in making their pieces sustainable and earth-friendly. It has always had the planet’s best interest, creating quality items that are made from recycled materials, as well as campaigns on encouraging their customers to refrain from buying new items and instead repair the ones that they have.

People Tree is a sustainable brand created in 1991 and has been pushing ethical clothing ever since
From People Tree

People Tree

Starting out their journey in 1991, People Tree has always been an advocate of fair trade and sustainable fashion. They offer contemporary and versatile designs that are perfect for all occasions. They make sure that each product is created to the highest ethical and environmental standards. Some of the ways that they incorporate that is by using organic cotton, low impact dyes, and responsible wool, among many other efforts. They also partner with traditional artisans to create unique pieces.


Launched in 2005, this Parisian sneaker brand offers pieces that are versatile and created with sustainability and fair trade in mind. After the founders saw the poor conditions of workers during a social audit on a factory in China, they decided to create an eco-friendly and ethical alternative in hopes to give consumers options in their fashion choices. Veja produces vegan leather-free footwear and offers sleek minimalist designs perfect for everyday use.