Tailgating is one of the most common forms of a physical security breach. The physical breach could be anything. It could be allowing visitors without id cards, following, or stalking an individual on their way. Tailgating also involves gatecrashing by unauthorized individuals.

A secured area should never be compromised. Tailgating leads to high chances of criminal attacks. Mostly tailgating happens in universities or banks. You get to see a lot of attacks happening and there should be measures to prevent such security breaches. Not only physical breach but tailgating also means getting involved in cyber attacks.

According to a survey for tailgating, more than 70 percent of people believed that they have been tailgated at least once in their lifetime and are very vulnerable to this breach. These days tailgating is on the rise. There are constant efforts to build up solutions for securing the area as well as people. Thefts, crimes, stalking can be seen on daily basis. Tailgating leads to the loss of goods, money, and even the lives of people. Various strategies have been implemented to combat tailgating. Let us see common tailgating issues and hose to prevent them.

Types of Tailgating Attacks

Diverting the Conversation

Diverting the Conversation Tailgating

Many times we come across some strangers who we meet during walks or else during the entry gate of our office. These people will make efforts to talk with you initially. Then they will just engage you with conversation and divert your mind. They might just tell you to hold the door and then will sleek into the gate which is highly secured using a biometric device. Strangers even get to the destination with their fake IDs. This is the most successful attempt of the criminals.

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Social Engineering Tailgating

Social Engineering Tailgating

Cyber attacks are on the rise due to vulnerable internet connections. Phishing is the most common form of social engineering tailgating. The most common type of phishing is scam emails. You will end up getting emails in your spam folder. Those emails will have suspicious links.

The scammer will ask you to share your bank account details. Once you click that link and give your details without thinking much, then you are scammed. Your money and all the account details will be hacked! Hacking and cybercrime have become so common now people are just vulnerable to such attacks.

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Following or stalking someone during walks is a crime. Stalker not only follows you during walks but also while you are driving your car. A vehicle follows you and will either follow you continuously to the destination.

This is a serious crime and scary too. People might even get killed by this type of tailgating. Talking revenge and making a crime through physical tailgating is the biggest crime a criminal could do. However, in some cases, people might even escape getting victimized. There are many precautions and measures that will help you to prevent tailgating. Let us check them.

Ways to Prevent Tailgating

Access Control Management

What is Tailgating? 4 Best Ways to Prevent It

You or your company should install an access control system to keep eye on visitors. Also, you should have access and be knowledgeable to operate that system. Allowing one persona at a time during entrance will be safe and good.

CCTV and Video Surveillance

CCTV and Video Surveillance Tailgating

CCTV’s are a great way to catch criminals. The video records will help to identify criminals and also monitoring the video continuously is also essential. Biometric devices also play a vital role in preventing tailgating.

Antivirus and Cyber Security

What is Tailgating? 4 Best Ways to Prevent It

When it comes to cyber-attacks and cybercrime, always get the help of cyber police. Never give personal information about you or anyone on the internet. Internet is never safe. Avoid clicking on suspicious links and talking to weird strangers on the internet.

Immediate Security Action

What is Tailgating? 4 Best Ways to Prevent It

If you are in trouble and you observe that someone is stalking you, then call the police or go through emergency security apps. Also, avoid speaking to strangers especially when you are at the entrance gate of any organization.

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