Steroids have been around in one form or another for a very long time. They have been used to treat illnesses, and fight infection with great success. We also see steroids being used frequently in the gym, in order to fast-track the look we are trying to achieve.

While this almost always does make you much bigger, much faster, there are some pretty shocking steroid side effects that you should be aware of before you consider taking any kind of steroid. Some of these side effects can negatively affect you forever, while others are more short-term.

#1 Addiction

Steroids can be addictive, many say this is because of the feeling they get when they are on their steroid cycles. It can be difficult to pull yourself away from feelings of such raw power and energy. If you have a biological predisposition for addiction, then you may want to go the all natural route.

#2 Testicular Atrophy

It is fairly common knowledge that steroid use can and usually does lead to some shrinking of the testicles. Included with this side effect is erectile dysfunction, so you’re buff body may not be able to perform in the bedroom. Thankfully, if you are able to stop taking steroids this will gradually reverse itself over time, and your equipment will be back to normal. Other side effects are not so forgiving.

#3 Heart Dysfunction

Steroids put a ton of stress on your body and muscles, they put your body into overdrive, and sometimes this can have disastrous effects on our heart as it struggles to keep up. An enlarged heart (cardiomegaly) is a long term irreversible condition that would end a weight lifting career. You’re muscles on the outside may be stronger than ever, but you have to remember to care for the ones on the inside as well.

#4 Enlarged Organs and Bones

Also known as acromegaly, when taking steroids your organs can either become enlarged themselves or, they can have trouble keeping up with the rest of your body. If your organs can’t keep up, that is when they begin to fail. This can be fatal or cause long term disabilities. Also, your bones can start growing again while taking steroids, which can limit movement, and cause very serious pain.

#5 Roid Rage

We’ve all heard of roid rage, and it is exactly that. When taking steroids your hormones are not running their usual routine, they are completely out of whack.

This can cause some serious fits of rage, that may not seem like a huge deal, until you are out driving on a busy highway when it hits, or until you explode on a waitress over a wrong coffee order. Roid rage isn’t something that anyone around you wants to deal with, so don’t put that on them.

There are just 5 reasons not to take steroids, there are several more side effects that are not listed here, that can vary depending on the type and brand of steroid you are taking.

Hopefully this is enough to deter you from taking steroids, though if it is not, make sure you consult a physician before starting any kind of steroid cycle, it will greatly reduce your risk of permanent injury, or even death. Stay healthy.