Summer is officially here! It’s time for margaritas and some pool time!
With the beginning of summer, we need to do some summer shopping
definitely! Swimming in this hot summer means making sure you have the
best men’s swim suits or best men’s swim shorts.

But the most important part is: You need to stay in style!

Now, there are certain rules that apply to swim trunks too. It is 2017, so
if you want to buy men’s swim trunks then there are three important rules
you must abide by:

  1. Your swim shorts should be made of the best quality material. Those
    materials include polyester or polyamide; basically any water-proof ‘poly’

  2. Your swim shorts should fit you perfectly. They should be slim like all the
    pants you own and should end just two inches above your knee.

  3. They should be whatever kind of pattern or color you want them to be.
    Since this age is the ‘go-with- whatever-you- want’, so why not do exactly what
    you want? Like a pair of checkered men’s swims shorts? Then go for it!

People look for places where someone would just tell them what’s in
style and what they should buy. You don’t need to go out and ask people
what’s in style. Just read further and you’ll know what the top 4 swim shorts
for men are. After reading the list, you might just want to buy them all!

1. Striped Swim Shorts for Men

Men’s swim shorts should always be the kind to attract attention.
Striped swim shorts would always attract attention. You get two bonuses by
getting striped swim shorts. Striped shorts make you look taller and thinner. A
bold pattern as such makes your lower body look as lean as your upper body.

2. Beach-to- Bar Swim Shorts

Made of polyamide, these shorts are made for your convenience. These
shorts were invented with the thought “Why change after a dip? Just go
straight to the bar!” These shorts are quick-drying since being made of
polyamide material. So, you, don’t need to change your swim shorts just to go
to the bar.

3. Retro Runner Swim Shorts

If you’ve got the legs, then we got these made for you! Zara’s Retro
Runner men’s swim shorts are the kind that is meant to show off that you
never skip Leg-Day. The smart shorts slim down your waist and thigh visually.

4. All-Over Pattern Swim Shorts

These shorts let you say that you’re a guy who isn’t afraid to take style
risks. Neutral colored, patterned swim shorts for men are totally something
you would risk. Thinking about patterned shorts, you might assume that it
would overwhelm the short silhouette of the shorts, but it wouldn’t. The
pattern and color play a role in this and make sure you look trendy cool this summer.

You might just want to head over to the store and take a look at all of
these styled men’s swim shorts. We can bet you’d look awesome in all of them!
Ready to look confident and trendy this summer!

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