There is no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most transformative technologies today. It is technology that is transforming every facet of our life from homes, office, streets, and beyond. With IoT products, we are able to build connections with the immediate environment that shapes our daily lives using the internet. The technology gives us greater control over things like lights, kitchen appliances, doors, and so on using a smartphone.

According to various prediction, we might have more than 3 billion IoT devices by 2020. That’s because we add an average of about 250 new devices to the market every second. Nearly everything will be controlled on your smartphone as long you have an internet connection. But what which the top best IOT devices so far? Well, we have assembled a list of 10 top best IoT devices of 2018:

WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Door Locks

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

The invention of remote-controlled door locks was a groundbreaking achieved in the tech industry. The innovation aimed at enhancing the security of not only our homes but business and offices. Surprisingly, the IoT has developed the technology further by introducing high effective WiFi and Bluetooth smart door locks. These are kinds of door locks that connect to the internet, and thus you can control them from your smartphone. Among the most WiFi and Bluetooth advanced IoT, smart locks include August Smart Locks Pro, Ultraloq UL3 BT, and Friday Smart lock amongst others.

Connected Smart Kitchen

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

It’s true that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but you can also make the brain of the house through the Internet of Things devices. Smart Kitchen is the way to go. The use of IoT gadgets that connects to the internet has made the management of the kitchen much easier. The most advanced kitchen’s IoT products are the grocery ordering devices. Devices such as the Amazon Dash, Hiku, and GeniCan are some of the products are able to monitor your grocery stocks and place orders on various stores. Therefore, you will not have to mind your food stock. They will do it for you.

Smart Doorbell

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

The Ring Door Bell is one of the greatest IoT devices we have seen in 2018.  These IoT devices enhance home security, and that’s why it has become popular with homeowners. Ring monitors movement around your home and alerts you when motion is detected at your door. The smart doorbell also enables you to communicate with the visitors through the inbuilt microphone. You can also capture video footage and images, thus beefing up security around your home using your phone.

Smart Bike Locks

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

If you area tech savvy cyclist, smart locks for bikes is something to look out for. The 2018 IoT locks for bikes offer more than just locking your bike. You can monitor your bike location from your smartphone. In case of theft or the bike leaves the designated location, the smart bike locks will send alerts to your phone. They do not require a physical key to open since they are operated from your smartphone. That gives you total control over your bike. Among the brands include I Lock It, Noke U-Lock Ellipse and Linka smart bike locks.

Smart Air conditioners

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

Air conditioners are some of the widely used appliances for the regulating room temperature. Unfortunately, the system requires a complex central system to automate with a thermostat. However,  the use of a thermostat to control air con is slowly fading away. With IoT, you can now operate air conditioners from your smartphone–but on one condition: they are infrared remote controlled. Some of the improved IoT products includes Sentisible, Tado, and Ambi Climate. With either of these, you can start controlling your remote controlled air conditioner from your smartphone.

Acer Leap Beads

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

This is one of the greatest wellness and health tech-oriented innovation. The IoT device helps you cite the mantra hence improving your meditation experience. The device contains a pair of connected prayer beads that are connected to your smartphone. The beads are able to track the number of times that you have cited a mantra so that you don’t end up losing track of the count. Acer is also planning to have the beads include electronic payment. If you do meditation, this is definitely something that you recite a mantra. They are also easy to use and you will not experience any change from the typical Buddha beads

Smart WiFi Outlets and Plugs

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

A percentage of the electrical bills waste wasted energy from unused appliance or lights amongst others. However, managing electrical can be difficult if you are to do it manually. Let’s face it, it’s almost next to impossible to monitor all electrical outlets, power strips, switches, and plugs in the house. But you can have a smart home where you can control power outlets and plugs by your smartphone with an internet connection. Some of the IoT home devices for electricity management includes Ankuoo NEO PRP Bayit Wi-Fi Socket, Conico Mini, and Belkin WeMo Insight Switch amongst others.

Smart Sprinklers and Irrigation Devices

The Top 8 Best IoT Devices Of 2018

There are have been numerous attempts such as the use of timers to control irrigation, especially for home lawns and gardens. But with the introduction of IoT devices, you can now irrigate when necessary and thus reduce water wastage. The smart devices draw date from weather forecasts and other databases to determine when and the amount of water need. You can also control the irrigation pattern from any part of the world as long as you have an internet connection. Some of the best irrigation and sprinkling IoT devices include Orbit B-hyve and Rachio Smart Sprinkler, amongst others.


These are 8 IoT products in the market that are changing the way we do things. They are devices that are making our lives better and more affordable by reducing cost and wastage in running our daily activities. You need these devices if indeed you want to have a smart home. Before the year ends we expect to have more improved IoT devices. With the rate at which these devices are getting into the market, very soon we’ll everything around us controlled on our smartphone.





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