Gardening has been an art-form for decades. Many millennials have reinvented it over recent years. Today, there are community gardens, personal gardens and indoor gardens in every part of the country. The big cities, like New York and Boston, have erected programs that give children a hands-on experience in learning of better ways to nurture plants.
For the older crowd, gardening is new and challenging. Still, if you are interested in learning a new DIY hobby, then you must be dedicated to the process for the long haul. Before you begin, here’s several must-have tools that will bring your newest garden to the next level.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Koubachi looks like a mini-golf club but this WiFi-enabled gardening tool will transform your garden. The gardening assistant looks after your plants and vegetables. The sensors will analyze the soil’s moisture, temperature, and light intensity. All the information gathered by the sensor will be sent to an app on your smartphone and you could adapt your garden if needed.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden


Watering is a major reason most plants die and that’s why the PlantLink was created. The tool keeps track of the moisture levels in the soil and will send notifications to your smartphone (either by text or email) when the plants and shrubs need to be watered. The PlantLink will keep you from under- or overwater the garden and give the plants a chance to grow into your dream greenery.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden


City living often means that you won’t have a chance to grow that ideal garden. The WindowFarm changes all that. The indoor device operates vertically within your window sill and has a hydroponic system that helps your plants grow independently through the year. The plants soak in the window light and don’t require much maintenance. It sounds too good to be true, but the system is genius. The WindowFarm’s hydroponic system has nutrient-spiked water that is pumped up from a reservoir at the base of the system. Any water that is not retained by the plants is recycled again and again.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden


Growing vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant could biggest challenge you have as a first-time gardener. The most critical step in properly growing these produce is pollinating. The VegiBee takes the pollinating into your own hands, literally. The tool is a handheld sonic spoon that will electronically shock the seeds and increase the pollinating process by 30 percent annually.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden

LusterLeaf Products

Master gardeners rely heavily on LusterLeaf for all the essential gardening needs. The company has garnered respect amongst fellow enthusiasts and have a long line of products such as soil test kits, indoor and outdoor meters, rain gauges, seeders, plant label, mini-testers, and outdoors clocks/thermometers. If you are the first-time gardener, then you must invest in anything LusterLeaf offers.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden

WaterPoint 1000

Irrigation is absolutely essential in growing your garden properly. The WaterPoint 1000 is considered the best product in this field. The watering system gives you unlimited control with its built-in WiFi system that allows you to adjust the settings on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The system is so advanced that could test all the valves and the software will alert you when valves are faulty — typically an issue during the colder months.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden

Garden Cam

Most gardens are destroyed by nature, either from the weather or pesky little critters (squirrels, raccoons, etc). The garden cam is a 1.3-megapixel time-lapse camera the is will produce snapshots of your precious plants every minute or every 24 hours. The gadget will keep track of the growing process and keep sight of which animals are terrorizing the shrubs.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden

Bosch Isio

Overgrowing the garden is not a good thing. That will encourage the growth of weeds and other undesirable plants that you don’t want invading your new garden. The Bosch Isio is a lightweight, handheld tool that allows you to efficiently trim your bushes, plants and completely cut away unwanted greens. The reciprocating motion of the blades will prevent stales that often occur with shrub trimmers.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden

Cordless Pole Saw

The newly-planted figs trees sometimes stretch out too much that they interfere with other produce sprouting nearby. That’s why a cordless pole saw is perfect to trim off branches of any types of trees. The compact tool is deceiving in size, stretching from five to eight feet in length.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden


In an era of information and technology, the Infragram is the most unique tool for the DIY gardener as it will analyze the health of your plants and other products in the garden through infrared sensors. The sleek appearance (it looks like a home-made camera) makes the plant analyzer appealing to young adults as well as the middle-aged. This educational tool is great for children to learn first-hand how plants evolve.

The Top Tools to a DIY Personal Garden

The one thing you must remember as a novice gardener is learning to read the plants without technology. The best way to connect with your shrubs is to tend to them in a personal manner. You will need to be one with the plant. Then everything else just blossoms.

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