Looking to burn off some fat or maybe all of them? Here are top 7 body fat burning exercises that will help you get that dream body of yours. Majority of these exercises don’t require any workout or training equipment and can literally be done everywhere.

Must try 7 body fat burning exercises


For many people, the burpee is like the God of workouts when it comes to burning fat. Many people can complete 20 burpees in a minute which can burn off 10 to 15 calories. This exercise is also a cardio fitness workout and not just for burning fat. On top of that burpees is good for the heart and the lungs, it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as improve blood flow.

Med ball slams

Top 7 Body Fat Burning Exercises

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An activity with a ball of any type is always fun. If you want to lose weight and at the same time release stress, anger, and even rage, med ball slams are a great way to do it. This workout involves you slamming a ball into the ground as hard as you possibly can. With this exercise, the entire body is involved. You lift the ball above your head, and to slam it hard in the ground make sure to plant your feet and then use your arms, hips, and core to slam it down.

Walking lunges

body fat burning exercise

You can do a walking lunge every time you’re walking. The best thing about lunges is that it is very versatile you can put additional weight to burn more fat and engage your entire body.

Farmers walk or carry

Just like walking lunges, the farmers walk is something you can do as long as you are walking. However, if you are in public or maybe at the office, it might be weird to walk around with a pair of dumbbells. Farmers walk is all about maintaining a solid posture and making sure your shoulders and core are engaged. This exercise improves metabolism which is good when you want to lose weight. According to a 2021 report by Harvard Health Publishing, one can improve his or her metabolism through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Broad jump

This workout is a good combination with burpees. All you have to do is squat down, jump forward as far as you can, and then land while in a squatting position. A broad jump is an explosive and draining workout so it is important that you execute it properly.


Just like med ball slams, kickboxing is a workout that engages the entire body and allows an individual to release stress and other bad energy. An hour of kickboxing can burn 900 calories or more. That would depend on how active the body is moving.


body fat burning exercise

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An oldie but goodie. Running is one of the best ways to lose weight and at the same time, release endorphins also known as happiness hormones throughout the body. A daily jog or run matched with a healthy diet is sure to help you lose weight. Mix things up and add some sprinting while running. Learn everything you can about running or jogging to maximize the results. Know what to do and what not to do. There are also a lot of running apps you can download to help you track your progress and improve your techniques.

Hundreds of body fat burning exercises

Other than these 7 body fat burning exercises, there are hundreds more you can do. Explore more and find the ideal workout or exercises that work best for you. Before doing so, make sure that you learn everything you can about these exercises. Lack of knowledge of the proper execution may result to injuries.

So, have you decided on your workout plan of body fat burning exercises?