Men’s fashion is often inspired by contemporary icons and pop culture trends that are found across the globe – from TV, social media influencers, fashion setters, personalities, movies, etc. Read more about men’s trending fashions from Raymond Ablack and more.
Fashion Choices Inspired by Raymond Ablack

The fashion choices of Canadian actor  Raymond Ablack epitomize classic elegance combined with a blend of modern fashion flair. In addition, very few models can pull off Raymond Ablack’s well-fitted leather jacket or his mastery of the sophisticated monochrome fashion statement, often with a perfect layering effect.

How to Incorporate Pop Culture into Your Wardrobe

Add trendy pop culture items (reflective of timeless icons or otherwise) into your wardrobe to highlight your favorite pop culture reference or inspiration. It is also a great way to reflect your creativity while maintaining authenticity.
Trendy Hairstyles from Iconic Movies and TV Shows

Hairstyles from popular television series or iconic movies have created numerous well-known and popular trends. Examples of this pop culture trendy hairstyle include –

Top Men's Fashion Trends Inspired by Pop Culture
  • Elvis Presley’s slicked-back 1950s Pompadour – which was revived John Travolta for the hit musical Grease.
  • With his textured yet tousled hairstyle, James Dean personified effortless cool in Rebel Without a Cause.
  • As Neo in The Matrix hit series, Keanu Reeves donned what was termed a cyberpunk look – long yet sleek, messy hair.
  • Marlon Brando made the crew cut popular with his rugged roles in The Wild One and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Celebrity Fashion Influences in Men’s Style

Celebrities and sports stars – and their stylists often influence diverse men’s fashion styles, whether they are walking the red carpet setting a trend in a movie or making personal choices.

  • For a styling outdoor look, Chris Hemsworth shows how to highlight his physique with a classic, outdoorsy elegance.
  • For those who prefer a bit more eccentricity in their style, Pharrell Williams offers a superb example of how to mix and match high-end fashion, bold/colorful sneakers topped off with an unusual splash of urban flair.
  • The NBA superstar LeBron James has been setting trends in sportswear and athletic leisurewear – on and off the basketball court. LeBron’s fashion choices typically combine style and comfort.
  • With his name that highlights his natural ability to make an androgynous fashion statement, Harry Styles is among the most prominent in pop culture.
  • The iconic 1950s actor James Dean, wearing a white T-shirt, leather jacket, and jeans, created the classic rebel look that remains a timeless fashion statement in the 21st century.
  • Ryan Gosling, the handsome actor, exemplifies timelessness and simplicity in men’s fashion style – wearing well-fitted and smart suits and casual wear that is both elegant and effortless.

Stay Fashionable with These Pop Culture Accessories 

A fashion statement that takes your outfit to the next level is often made by simply adding an accessory like classic suit accessories (tie clips, cuff links, pocket squares, etc.) that are now available in variations and shapes. as well as practical and stylish sunglasses, leather jackets/bracelets, or anything that is simply casual chic.


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