To experience a male orgasm like you’ve never experienced before, you’re going to want to check out Tracy’s Dog Turboo. Keep reading to find out more about the adult toy brand.

The talks about orgasm typically revolve around how women get it more than men usually do. According to studies, one out three women get to reach orgasm during every sexual encounter. That is approximately 33% compared to men who can reach orgasm at a percentage of almost 100%.

As a result, women tend to resort to masturbation to relieve themselves. Hence, sex toy products have a greater market for female customers than that of male consumers. Different types of vibrators, dildos, and even dildo vibrators continue to be innovated to keep up with the rising need among women.

On the other hand, men, who, unfortunately, do not have sexual partners have very few options as far as masturbation is concerned. Masturbation sleeves, pocket sleeves, and sex dolls are just among the possibilities male consumers have.

In line with this, Tracy’s Dog, one of the prominent adult toys brands, launches a whole new vibe for men on delivering an orgasm like no other,  the Tracy’s Dog Turboo.

What Exactly is Tracy’s Dog Turboo?

Most masturbators have a common purpose, which is to provide pleasure through aiding an orgasm. The only difference among these masturbators is the added features that deliver significant results.

Tracy’s dog took the leap on developing a new mechanism that will redefine every male’s orgasm experience. Therefore, Turboo was born and launched as Tracy’s Dog’s new male masturbator. Turboo is tactically designed with a more advanced set of features to help provide an entirely different level of orgasmic experience. Here are the features you don’t want to miss.

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tracy's dog turboo

Turboo Features

Tracy’s Dog Proprietary CFEET

Tracy’s dog exclusively developed a new mechanism called the CFEET or the Centrifugal Ejaculation Enhancement Technology. Basically, it allows Turboo to output an ultra-high rotation speed and centrifugal force. It will then provide stimulation to the male genitalia ensuring a mind-blowing orgasm experience.

3 Dynamic Vibration Modes and 3 Powerful Vibration Frequencies

The three vibration modes are grip-based. In other words, the speed can automatically be accelerated based on the position of your grip on the device. Thanks to the CFEET innovation for making this feat possible. On the other hand, the three powerful frequencies can go up to 13000 rounds per minute, allowing a more intense stimulation.

USB Charging

You won’t have to worry about running out of time during your session! Since Tracy’s Dog Turboo lasts long, you can enjoy a 60-minute pleasurable experience for every full charge.

100% Waterproof Ipx7

Water exposure for the device is totally safe for it has an ipx7 rating and allows the device to be submerged in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1-meter.

Odorless Medical-Grade Silicone and Body-Safe Abs Plastic

Medical-grade silicone-based materials are tested for biocompatibility. Approved by FDA for safe usage.

High-Quality Stretch Silicone

No need to worry about your size! This toy is made from high-quality stretch silicone which allows Turboo to accommodate all sizes.

tracy's dog turboo

How to Use Tracy’s Dog Turboo

  1. You can put water-based lubricant on your penis for more pleasure. This step also avoids unnecessary skin laceration, especially when two dry surfaces are in contact.
  2. Just press and  then hold the power button for approximately 2-3 seconds to enter vibration mode.
  3. Make a short press on the same button to switch among 3 Turboo vibration modes. Turning off the device would be by pressing that same button for 2-3 seconds duration.
  4. After using, cleanse the device with water.

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Interesting Customer Feedbacks

Here is some of the feedback from our valued customers.

“The best!!! My friend recommended me to buy it. This toy did not disappoint me!!! Three modes for you to choose. It is fully automatic. It is the first time to use such a high-tech male masturbator cup. I really like it!”

“OMG!! When I received the toy, I was deeply attracted by its appearance, full of sense of technology, and felt that the material was great. I like its 3 modes, let me experience orgasm very quickly, it’s awesome!!”

“Perfect for travel. My husband was very impressed!! He didn’t have high hopes but I sent this with him on a trip for work and he told me that it worked great. He also liked that it was discreet when he put it in his travel bag.”

“Excellent! Great toy with three modes setting, it brought me ecstasy in no time at all. Full of a sense of science and technology. I was lucky to get this baby well worth the money. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”


Reaching orgasm through masturbation has been different since the advent of sex toys. Men with partners do not usually need masturbators for an orgasm. However, sometimes being away will pave the way for them to seek an alternative. Hence, Tracy’s Dog offers a new masturbator called Turboo.

Tracy’s Dog Turboo certainly is a great product that you should try. The Centrifugal Forced Ejaculation Enhancement Technology feature is indeed an excellent addition to Tracy’s Dog line of products. Visit to acquire the revolutionary Turboo and experience a whole new level of pleasure.

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