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6 Underrated Streetwear Brands Worth Checking Out

Streetwear is one of the most popular styles out there, with celebrities, influencers, and many others wearing this distinct look on the daily. Brands like Off-White and Supreme have created a name for themselves with a cult-like following and customers always ready to buy whatever they put out — even when it’s a ridiculous-looking brick.

With the rising demand for new designs and innovative approaches to streetwear, startups have responded to the call, creating fresh looks that deserve more attention. We’ve rounded out some of our favorite underrated streetwear brands in hopes that you can find something for you in their collections.


Noah is a brainchild of former Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzien. With his previous experience in the field of streetwear and fashion, Babenzien was successful in serving fresh designs through his work at Noah. He has also addressed some production issues surrounding fashion, making Noah a brand that creates and provides ethical clothing options for streetwear lovers.


A streetwear brand making rounds in the underground scene, Ineffable is a brand that releases biannual collections that aim to be just like their name — too great or extreme to be expressed in words. They’re slowly making their way around, with Offset seen wearing one of their jackets last year.


Another brand that has impressed the underground scene is Resurgence. Aside from their fire designs, they also have an amazing story on how they started out. It is said that the creator of the brand took a huge risk by using what was left of his financial aid and savings to create Resurgence. This has been proven to be a good move, especially because they have been one of the underground favorites in the last year. We won’t be surprised if we see more and more people wearing their pieces soon.

The Sleepy Boys Club

A club that very much speaks to all the nap lovers out there, The Sleepy Boys Club has slowly become a favorite with their clean designs and extremely relatable statements. Kinda tumblr-esque, but it’s definitely an effective approach for people who love to flaunt how sleepy they are.


A brand hailing all the way from the land down under, HoMie had a noble vision for starting out — to address youth homelessness in Melbourne. We love a brand that loves to help, and HoMie is just that. Proceeds from their sales go to funding a variety of projects for the homeless and the youth. If their good hearts and amazing designs are not enough for you to support them, they also make ethical clothing by sustainable means of sourcing and creating clothes. I mean, really, what’s not to love?


Do you prefer wearing something that’s sleek and minimalist? Then Ronning is a great brand to check out. Based in the U.K. and created by YouTube personality Magnus Ronning, Ronning’s collections are inspired by Scandinavian fashion, which features subtle designs and just an overall clean look. It uses a lot of color blocking and muted styles, making for a simple yet remarkable outfit.

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