Veggie Grill is an American casual vegan restaurant that has been operating since 2006. Veggie Grill only prepares plant-based food. Animal fat, dairy, eggs are strictly prohibited on their menu. The investor T.K Pillan launched this Veggie Grill after experiencing a personal vegan diet. He wanted to share and increase awareness about vegan-based food and how healthy it is to prefer vegetarian food. 

Veggie Grill is the largest vegetarian restaurant in America. Chef Ray has been their restaurant chef for many years. He has been innovating his vegan recipes and his dishes are quite popular in the restaurant. Veggie Grill have been recognized as a favorite Vegan Chain best Merican restaurant in 2012. The menus of this hotel are quite healthy, appealing and delicious. Beyond Burger is one of the popular dishes consumed by many vegans. If you are a health-conscious person and dietary conscious then go for Veggie Grill. Let us check out some amazing vegetarian dishes from the restaurant.

Veggie Grill Menu

One common thing in all their dishes is that each and every ingredient is plant-based. Let us go through some nutritious and least nutritious veggie options.


Try 5 of the Best Veggie Grill Menu Items and Know Their Nutritional Facts
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This option includes appetizers, drinks and snacks. Crispy Cauliflower, Sweet potato fries, Moroccan lentil soup and roasted garlic broccolini are the dishes available at starters. When it comes to the least nutritious recipes nachos are the classic ones. They are loaded with soy sour cream, cilantro, avocado and green onions. Expect your body to gain 136 g of carbs and 29 grams of protein.

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Burger Veggie Grill
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Beyond Burger is a high in-demand dish amongst most vegans in Veggie Grill. They are not those regular veggie burgers. The patty is prepared with pea protein, beetroot juice and canola oil. These ingredients give you a meaty texture. Another nutritious kind of burger in Veggie Grill House Veggie Burger. The bread is made of sesame flax bun. The main ingredients are wild rice and mushrooms. Topped with baby tomatoes and pickled onions the whole burger seems highly delicious and nutritious. 

Chillie Burger is another type of burger menu in the Veggie Grill restaurant. However, if you are not a health-conscious and sodium-conscious person then only you can try for it. Otherwise, you got to ignore it. 


Sandwiches Veggie Grill

Sandwiches are the most preferred category of the vegan dish on the Veggie Grill menu. Caprese sandwich is the most favorite choice amongst customers. Low in calories, also the dish has got healthy ingredients. they are just made with tomatoes, arugula, farmer’s cheese wheat tortilla roll is used for serving. 


Salad Veggie Grill
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Salads may be the least favorite thing of food for people but Veggie Grill has interesting salads to offer. It all depends on the topping and sauce. Greek Maze salad is the topmost choice of salad. They are highly nutritious with toppings like baby tomatoes, pitted kalamata olives, feta cheese and mixed greens. You can expect 12g of protein and 710g of sodium.


Try 5 of the Best Veggie Grill Menu Items and Know Their Nutritional Facts

When it comes to the healthiest choice of meal, then bowls are super preferred. They are loaded with balanced nutrition food and also make it is very tasty. Veggie Grill has seasonal bowls dishes. masala chickpea bowl is an Indian-inspired bowl dish that is extremely delicious and healthy to consume. Chickpea is a good source of protein. If you are on a particular diet trying to cut calories then go for this dish. Curry is the key of this dish. Mixed with cilantro and rice and cauliflower makes the combo mouth-watering.

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Nutritional Benefits of Veggie Grill Menus

  1. Apart from just providing vegan foods, Veggie Grill also offers gluten-free dishes. Like salads, fries, nachos come with gluten-free ingredients. So definitely good for people who are allergic to gluten and can try some of their dishes.
  2. Since the keto diet is on-trend, you can prefer low-carb menus like Romaine Caesar and lentil soup from the restaurant.
  3. If you are diabetic and craving a tasty meal then do not worry, Veggie Grill menus like pesto pasta salad, plain wings and classic burgers give you anti-diabetic goals.

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