Practicing yoga is a great way to build strength, boost your overall wellbeing and get in tune with your body. However, it can be costly and time-consuming especially if you choose in-person classes. First, the actual yoga class charges are usually pricey. In addition, you will have to pay for transport, packing if you are driving yourself, clothing, and amongst other indirect costs. Due to such inconveniences, it becomes very difficult for yogis to maintain consistency in class attendance. But you can mitigate all these issues by taking a virtual yoga class.

Virtual yoga studios or what is commonly referred to as the online Yoga lessons offers incredible flexibility at minimal cost. There are also numerous benefits that come with virtual yoga studios such as 1on1 experience with yoga instructor amongst others. The quality of yoga instructors is one of the best. If you join reputable virtual yoga studios such as Vister, you will enjoy a range of professional yoga teachers. Therefore, you will gain a lot by going virtual.

But what are the main pros of online yoga lessons? Well, there are numerous benefits compared to ‘real life’ yoga studios. Check out the reasons why you should switch to virtual yoga studios:

It’s Much Cheaper

Let’s face it; no matter how much you try to slice it, yoga coursed will end up taking a significant portion of your paycheck. To cut the cost, most people buy classes in bulky, but that still does not save you enough. In fact, the lowest you can get on average is around $15 in ‘real life’ yoga studio. On the other hand, online courses are often available for as low as $5 per a class. If you buy in bulk, the price per class is extremely low. Therefore, the online alternative is much more budget-friendly.


It’s Faster

Just do a simple calculation. If you are doing in-person morning classes, you will need to wake up and prepare yourself, get in the car, drive, find parking and walk in the class. If it is walking or using public transport, you will still waste a lot of time to get to the yoga studio. Depending on the distance, you will waste a substantial amount of time. But with virtual yoga studios, it will take you seconds to get started. That will save plenty of time that can be useful for other productive activities.


Flexibility is one of the key benefits that have caused mass migration if in-person yoga classes to virtual yoga studios. Most people do not like long preset classes but would prefer something that fits their schedule. If you are taking in-person classes, there are usually three options to pick from; 45-minute, 60-minute, and a 90-minute class. Such courses do not offer yogi the much-needed flexibility. For the online courses, you can choose from 5-minute videos to 90- minute video.

Therefore, you need to have a program that you can fit in. When you fill like you are behind schedule, you can do a high-intensity short class. Similarly, if you have got some time to spare, take a long one. That is the flexibility that online yoga classes are offering. With this platform, you have no reason for missing since you have plenty of options that fit your schedule.


Maintaining yoga routine while traveling is one of the major challenges with in-person classes. In most cases, you will have to miss classes until you are back. But virtual yoga studios are alleviating this problem. You just need a computer or smartphone to continue with your yoga program. The virtual yoga studio will pop up your screen anywhere, anytime and thus you can go on with classes. It is that easy.

Wider Selection of Teachers

If you are attending in-person classes, you don’t enjoy the advantage of being coached by various teachers. In most of the time, you will be relying on the local teachers. But virtual yoga studios will introduce you to a range of world-class yoga teachers. You also have the advantages of getting yoga classes from different highly trained yoga instructors.

No intimidation

One of the major reasons why newbies don’t like the idea of taking in-person classes is due to bullying from the veteran yogis. One can get nervous while practicing with students that are far ahead of you in terms of classes. Newbies can feel intimidated and feel scary make it difficult to understand the teacher’s instructions. With virtual yoga studios, you’ll never have such anxieties since no one will be the to judge or bully you around.

Virtual yoga studios are the ideal alternative to in-person classes. They have numerous benefits over the traditional studios, and that’s why are increasingly becoming popular. You will not only cut the cost and time wastage but also benefit from numerous world-class teachers. Virtual studio is the future of yoga classes and so make sure that you are left behind.

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