Nobody wants to need to check into an alcohol or drug rehab facility, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here’s how to find the best rehab facility for your needs.

Between alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs, addiction affects over 160 million people in the United States. Chances are, a friend, loved one, or even you struggle with an addiction problem.

It’s hard admitting you have a problem, and that’s a big part of the struggle. Once you decide to get help, you want the best rehab for your addiction.

How do you know where to go? Read on for how to choose the best rehab facility so you can get help for yourself or a loved one now.

Types of Treatment

There are a couple of types of treatment including:

  • Inpatient rehab options
  • Outpatient rehab options

First, determine which option is best for the situation. Most people with a drug or alcohol addiction need inpatient treatment, though not always.

Inpatient treatment options include detoxing the patient from his physical dependence on the drug or alcohol. During detox, the patient often experiences withdrawal symptoms.

Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, insomnia, excessive sweating, shaking, and more. Withdrawal is a good reason for using an inpatient facility so the patient gets careful monitoring during the process.

There are different types of inpatient centers providing everything from the basics to luxury rehabs

Outpatient rehab options are for those with less severe addictions or dependencies. They’re also good for inpatient followup. After leaving the inpatient treatment facility, the patient can continue on with outpatient rehab.

Choosing the Right Program

There are lots of factors when it comes to choosing the best rehab program for your needs.

Insurance Options

Check with your insurance carrier before deciding on a program. Not all programs accept insurance, and not all insurance carriers pay for all types of programs.

Paying for a rehab program is better than the long-term costs of a drug or alcohol addiction.


Some rehab facilities specialize in one type of addiction. Make sure the facility you choose specializes in your addiction. Make sure the facility has a good success record for treating your type of addiction as well.

Therapy Types

There are different types of therapies for treating the same addiction. Research the various treatment modalities and pick a facility that offers one that will work for you.


Many people think a nearby facility is the best because it’s convenient. That’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s better for the patient to be far away from toxic relationships that encourage addictive behavior.

Rehab Amenities

Some rehab facilities are like going to a 5-star hotel while others offer only the basics. Budget is a driving factor here but if you need a 5-star experience, you can definitely find it.

The Best Rehab Options

The best rehab facility is the one that works for you or your loved one. Pick a facility that specializes in the addiction for which you need help. Make sure they have a good success record.

Choose a facility that has treatments and therapies that will work for you, then check with your insurance and discuss payment options with the facility.

Seeking treatment for addiction is tough but it’s the best decision for your long-term physical, mental, and financial health.

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